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What Is False Arrest & How Criminal Lawyer Can Help

We encounter unfortunate events in life for which we are not responsible. A notable example is a false arrest. Here you are taken into custody. You are restricted with your movement.
Under such circumstances, the only option that is left before you is fighting your case to get out of this trouble. But you might know you are in deep waters when you are fighting some court cases.
The flow of your entire life might be affected if you get a blot here. Therefore, looking at the situation and considering the gravity of it, you must hire a criminal lawyer that can defend your case and successfully drag you out of this trouble.
In this article, we will learn what false arrest is and how you can be redeemed by your criminal lawyer.
What Is False Arrest 
False arrest is an unlawful restraint of an individual. Here the person is stripped off from all its movement and hurled into the cage of restrictions.
This can be said that the person is put in custody:
Without his/her will.
Taking the individual into custody without judicial overview on the merit of the case.
If discussed completely from the plaintiff’s end (bringing the case), it can be said that the defendant tried to confine the plaintiff with some vile intentions.
However, the plaintiff was conscious of the confinement that the reason for the arrest of the defendant is apt and just (though it requires to be fully established during the proceedings).

Do you wish to know more about the false arrest?
Having a Criminal Attorney in Marietta will help you gain detailed knowledge and insight on false cases.

How Criminal Lawyer Can Help You
For the sake of discussion, let’s think you are under custodial observation with all your civil rights stripped off.
That time you have no other option but to fight your case in court. Believe us; this is not something that easy. You must consult some bona fide Criminal lawyer that can help you with fighting your case. Let’s discuss how your lawyer can help you here. Use the service of some competent lawyer like  Criminal Attorney Marietta GA to help you out.
1. Communicate You On Your Case 
A criminal lawyer’s first and foremost role is to keep you calm and composed in the situation. If you are put in custody, you might be terror-stricken.
Your criminal attorney will try to get you out of the freight through verbal assurance. This will help the lawyer understand the circumstances.
2. Carry Out An Investigation Into The Case 
After the lawyer has studied the merit of the case, it will prepare itself to fight the case. The first thing they will do will carry out a comprehensive study on the case. This investigation will help the law firm understand the entire case in deeper detail.
3. Analyse The Evidence
Post investigation they will, the lawyer will analyze the evidence. This is because any evidence and every evidence can not be that concrete. This evidence needs to be produced before the court.
They are important and work as the determining factor to getting you free from the evidence. Therefore analyzing the evidence is a must before submitting them to the court. This helps prepare a strong case. Experience lawyers like criminal attorney Marietta GA are good with this.
4. Fight Your Case On Behalf Of You 
A wave of argument and counterargument runs in the court. This takes place between the lawyers representing both the appellant side and the defendant side.
You know that you are not guilty, and the lawyer representing the appellant side will definitely employ tricks to make things difficult. That is where you need some competent criminal lawyer. Your criminal lawyer can defend you with counterarguments.
5. Seeking A Favourable Deal 
The job of a criminal lawyer is to prepare the strongest possible case on your behalf. The argument hurled by your criminal lawyer needs to be so strong that it constrains the appellant side from going for a mutual understanding.
Your appointed lawyers must be strong to seek a favorable deal for you and make you free from false arrest.
Final Sentencing 
The false arrest may put anyone under stress. This is because they know they will be harassed for reasons they don’t understand.
Fighting criminal cases is never easy, and even if you are innocent, it might be difficult to establish in court. Therefore, you must hire a criminal lawyer to represent you.

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