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Falsely Accused? Here Is What To Do Right After

You are scared, and you are confused because, truly, there is nothing more devastating that could have happened. Now, you are wondering what you should do. Here are some solutions!
1. Remain Silent
No matter what happens or what type of questions you are asked after your arrest, you have every right to remain silent. You cannot be pressured into answering anything during an interrogation.
– No officer can force you to confess to anything.
– No officer can threaten you or your family in order to get answers out of you.
– No officer can physically harm you as a weapon to get words out of you.
Even in a court of law, it states that no guilty party could be forced to testify against themselves. Therefore, if they wish to remain silent during any proceeding, they can. So, do not panic and remember that you always have this right.

2. Get A Lawyer
Right after your arrest, the officers will Mirandize you and ask if you wish to have a lawyer during the irrigation. Never say no to a lawyer. In fact, call your own trusted Maryland Criminal Attorney, to fight the case for you.
A lawyer will ensure that you are not manipulated into answering anything against your will. That everything asked by the officer is within the justifiable reasons, and they cannot harass you during the interrogation.
The task of a lawyer is not to understand whether you are innocent or guilty. In fact, that is not even the first question that lawyers ask you. They are more interested in reading you your rights and protecting them at all costs.

3. Help Your Lawyer Gather Evidence
If you know something which can protect you in the court of law against all the evidence thrown against you, or if you have something that can prove beneficial for everyone to know or see.
– An corroboration to an alibi
– A judgment of character. Or,
– A new witness who can testify for you.
However, while your lawyer will be working on your bail, it wouldn’t be that easy for you to get one in terms of criminal law. Do not get disheartened, and try your best to help your lawyer with the investigation. Give them as many details about your innocence.
Yes, you have to take this matter seriously because just being innocent is not enough. 

4. Do Not Take Unethical Actions
Yes, it is tempting when you are not guilty to fall prey to unethical practices. Think if you just remove evidence or try to manipulate anyone from the public prosecutor’s side that you should be able to get your freedom back.
However, when there is a possibility that this can worsen the situation, why opt for it? If you are innocent, then believe in it. Yes, the evidence against you could be very intimidating, but that is why you have an expert criminal attorney. To investigate the case on behalf of you. 

5. Plea Bargain
This is probably the most unfair for anyone who is absolutely innocent of the crime they are charged with. However, sometimes the evidence from the other side is so strong that you give up fighting.
The best solution after this is to plea bargain. This is where you speak to the judge to reduce your punishment, to reduce the consequences of the crime of which you have been accused.
After your set punishment is over, you can definitely contact an expungement lawyer to erase all traces from your permanent records. However, this is the last backup when you have absolutely no proof to be proven innocent.  

Do Not Panic & Ask For Help!
Now that you know there is a possibility of a silver lining, you should be able to calm the initial flair of panic. This panic will only lead you to make mistakes and give in to unethical practices only to prove your innocence.
If you want to see yourself through the end of the tunnel, then take these accusations seriously, and understand that you have to work towards proving your innocence.
At the same time, keep in mind the cost. Plus, if you are already a suspect in a crime, it is better to call upon a lawyer beforehand so that you are not ambushed during the arrest.

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