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Drug Allergic Reaction and Prescription Lawyer

Expert Representation at Giunta Law

When you receive a prescription from the pharmacist, you assume that it will be correctly filled and make you better.  Sadly, pharmaceutical errors happen every day. If you or a family member had been injured because of an error in your medication, contact our team right away to find out if prescription drug litigation is the way to obtain compensation for your additional medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. Pharmaceutical injuries can be devastating for life so you need the best lawyer possible to get proper compensation.
If your doctor has prescribed the wrong medicine or the wrong dosage for your condition, you may have a case.  If you received a prescription for medication that was later shown to be dangerous, you may be able to join with others affected by the same drug in a class-action lawsuit.
Aggressive drug litigation is often the only way that patients injured by dangerous prescription drugs can receive compensation for their injuries.  Our team has extensive experience litigating cases against pharmaceutical corporations.


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There are a number of ways in which a pharmacy may be negligent in filling a prescription. They include:
  • Supplying the wrong drug

  • Listing the wrong dosage on a label

  • Providing incorrect instructions on how to take the medication

These mistakes can lead to an overdose or adverse reaction, resulting in serious injury and even death. If you’ve had a prescription improperly filled by a pharmacist or assistant at a drug store, supermarket, or any other place that dispenses medication (mail service, big box store, etc.), it is imperative that you contact Giunta Law to consider your rights. Although the pharmacy will often ask you to return the medication after you discover a mistake, you should not do so until you discuss the matter with an attorney.
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Drug Allergic Reaction and Prescription Lawyer: Advocates at Giunta Law

If you or a loved one has suffered from a drug allergic reaction or other harm due to a prescription medication, the knowledgeable attorneys at Giunta Law are here to provide expert legal representation and fight for your rights. At Giunta Law, we understand the serious consequences that can arise from pharmaceutical negligence, and we are committed to holding responsible parties accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Understanding Drug Allergic Reactions and Prescription Errors

Drug allergic reactions and prescription errors can lead to severe health complications, lasting injuries, or even death. Whether it’s a misdiagnosis, incorrect dosage, adverse drug interactions, or a failure to warn about potential risks, pharmaceutical negligence can have devastating effects. At Giunta Law, we believe that victims of such negligence deserve justice and fair compensation for the harm they’ve endured.

Why Choose Giunta Law for Your Drug Allergic Reaction Case?

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Our experienced drug allergic reaction and prescription error lawyers at Giunta Law possess a deep understanding of pharmaceutical laws and regulations. We have successfully represented clients in cases involving various types of pharmaceutical negligence, and we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of your case.
  • Personalized Attention: At Giunta Law, we treat each case with the individual attention it deserves. Your well-being is our priority, and we are dedicated to crafting a legal strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.
  • Thorough Investigations: Proving pharmaceutical negligence often requires meticulous investigation. Our legal team at Giunta Law has access to experts who can analyze medical records, consult with specialists, and gather evidence to build a strong case on your behalf.
  • Aggressive Advocacy: While we are skilled negotiators, we are also prepared to take your case to court if needed. Our drug allergic reaction and prescription error lawyers at Giunta Law are relentless in seeking justice and fair compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

Our Practice Areas Include:

  • Prescription Errors: Incorrect Dosages, Wrong Medications, Dispensing Errors
  • Failure to Warn: Inadequate Labeling, Insufficient Instructions
  • Misdiagnosis: Incorrectly Prescribed Medications
  • Adverse Drug Interactions: Harmful Combination of Medications
  • Negligence in Prescription: Substandard Care by Healthcare Providers
  • Complications from Defective Drugs
  • And more…

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If you or a loved one has suffered due to a drug allergic reaction or prescription error, seeking legal assistance is crucial. Contact Giunta Law today for a free consultation. Our dedicated drug allergic reaction and prescription error lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process, answer your questions, and tirelessly advocate for your rights. Your health and well-being are our primary concerns, and we are committed to helping you achieve the justice and compensation you deserve.

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