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We Practice Law In Abilene, TX

If you are in the Abilene, Texas area and need a good lawyer, we are ready to help. Giunta Law, P.C. and attorney Frank Giunta have a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law. You need the best lawyer you can get when you or a loved one has been injured on-the-job or through the negligence of another. Frank Giunta is a board certified personal trial lawyer since 1987 and a board certified civil trial lawyer since 1988. He has been listed as a Texas Super Lawyer from 2008 to 2021.
Frank is passionate about representing those that have been injured or family members that have suffered the loss of a loved one. If you have been wronged, give us a call today.

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Nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, Abilene is a vibrant community with a strong spirit of resilience and determination. But when accidents or injuries disrupt your life, it’s essential to have a trusted legal ally by your side. At Frank Giunta Law Firm, we’re dedicated to providing compassionate and effective legal representation to the residents of Abilene and surrounding areas.

Our Legal Specializations

Personal Injury: From car accidents to slip and falls, personal injuries can have a profound impact on your life. Our experienced attorneys specialize in personal injury law, advocating for the rights of accident victims and helping them obtain the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.
Workers’ Compensation: Suffering an injury on the job can be devastating, both physically and financially. Our team assists workers in navigating the complexities of the workers’ compensation system, ensuring they receive the benefits they’re entitled to for their workplace injuries.
Product Liability: Defective products can lead to injuries ranging from minor cuts to life-altering conditions. If you’ve been harmed by a faulty product, our experienced attorneys will fight tirelessly to pursue compensation from the responsible parties.

Why Choose Frank Giunta Law Firm?

Local Knowledge: Serving the Abilene community, we understand the unique challenges and concerns facing residents in our area. Our local knowledge allows us to provide personalized legal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.
Compassionate Advocacy: We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that injuries can take on individuals and families. That’s why we provide compassionate support and dedicated advocacy to help our clients navigate the legal process with confidence and peace of mind.
Proven Track Record: With a history of successful case outcomes, we have earned the trust and respect of our clients and peers alike. We are committed to achieving the best possible results for every client we represent.
If you’re facing a legal challenge in Abilene, TX, don’t face it alone. Contact Frank Giunta Law Firm today to schedule a consultation. Let us fight for your rights and help you move forward with confidence and dignity.
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