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How the former CEO of Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Unit joined Migronis

According to IMI, the leading edition about the investment migration, one of Migronis’ new employees is Nestor Alfred, the former CEO of St. Lucia’s Citizenship-by-Investment Unit (CIU). Upon joining as a Strategic Partner and Board member, Nestor will be responsible for representing customers’ interests in the Caribbean area and assisting in the development of the company’s Caribbean strategy. His professional journey has taken place in different countries, including London, Barbados, Grand Cayman, and Saint Lucia.

What do we know about Nestor Alfred?
From 2017 until 2022, Mr. Alfred was the CEO of the Saint Lucia CIU. His Citizenship-by-Investment Program is recognized as one of the most globally renowned ones.
Nestor is a participant of numerous international conferences on Citizenship-by-Investment initiatives, where he took part in several worldwide presentations on this issue. 
Nestor Alfred is the author of the topic “Investor Migration — Know Your Client and Client Due Diligence” and has made a great contribution to the IMC certification in the field of investment migration;
Mr. Alfred is a highly skilled specialist and accredited director and was educated at the University of the West Indies (Barbados), MBA Henley Management College/Brunel University (Lon) and the Royal Institute of Management (Canada). 
Who are Migronis?
Migronis is a Ukrainian-based global company with great expertise in the citizenship-by-investment field. Businessman, a human rights lawyer, and specialist in Citizenship-by-Investment Anatoliy Lyetayev is the company’s proprietor. Despite favoring his personal liberty, Mr. Lyetayev lives in Portugal. 
The headquarters of the company is located in Estoril, Portugal. However, Migronis also has its offices in Ukraine, the USA, and the UAE.

The Migronis team is a community of Freedom Unlockers. One who lives according to the principle of personal sovereignty, loves freedom, and explores the world is referred to as a Freedom Unlocker. This person wants to solve problems that affect everyone globally, from fighting poverty and saving the planet to ensuring gender parity.
What about the experience of Mr. Alfred and Migronis?
Once Nestor Alfred said: “I remember our first meeting with Anatoliy, the founder of Migronis. He firmly believed in personal freedom available for everyone and his desire was to achieve this for each person. I have the same values ​​and therefore this meeting made a lasting impression on me. And now I’m a part of the company and fully share the vision of the team, which makes my job much easier.”
In turn, Anatoliy Letaev declared: “Migronis’ mission is to serve clients as an efficient, competent, and dependable middleman between the Citizenship-by-Investment Units and our customers requesting citizenship. Migronis’ mission is to serve as an efficient, competent, and dependable middleman between the CBI Units and our customers seeking citizenship. We are always striving to be the most powerful and most efficient team in the migration industry. Nestor Alfred is not the team’s first big addition of a prominent specialist. We are gathering the greatest offerings and the most profitable real estate projects in order to create a unique selling proposition and satisfy the demands of our clients.”
Migronis has gained a solid expertise in the Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment programs in the course of time. Anatoliy Lyetayev, the CEO of Migronis, has visited all five Caribbean nations as they are highly ranked in the World Citizenship Report and interviewed the CEOs of all CBI programs.

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