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Columbus, Ohio Man Fatally Beats Wife During Their Divorce – Legal Reader

When a marriage has run its course and one or both parties are ready to part ways, they should be able to do so without the worry of being harmed.
The divorce process can be tricky to navigate, especially when the split isn’t amicable or one or both parties have a history of family violence. In fact, some people go as far as seeking a protective order before they even file a divorce petition as they are fearful of how their spouse is going to respond.
If you want to file for divorce in Columbus, OH but the fear is stopping you, there are divorce lawyers who can help you understand your options, including the forms of protection that are available.
Man faces life in prison for fatally injuring his wife during their divorce.
Santiago Martinez and his wife Alexandria Berrios were in the middle of their divorce when things turned violent. ABC 6 says that while the two were walking in Darby Creek Metro Park in March 2021, Berrios confessed she had had an affair some years ago while Martinez was in the U.S. and she was in El Salvador.
After learning of the affair, the news source says Martinez “beat her with a log,” putting her in a vegetative state until she passed away in May 2021. Fast forward to November 2022 and Martinez’s case has finally made it before a judge. The news source says Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Kim Brown issued Martinez’s sentence, which included life in prison with parole in 15 years. After prosecutors reportedly spoke with the couple’s three adult children, they also learned that Martinez was “an abusive, unfaithful husband.”
If you are afraid to file for divorce, help is available. 
When a marriage has run its course and one or both parties are ready to part ways, they should be able to do so without the worry of being harmed. If you’re worried about how your spouse will react to a divorce petition, we can connect you with experienced Columbus divorce lawyers who can ease your concerns.

Woman holding her bandaged head; image by Karolina Grabowska, via are certain steps you can take to protect yourself, and the Ohio divorce lawyers we can put you in touch with will be able to explain what these are. Additionally, they can help you settle your financial affairs, including how your assets/liabilities are going to be divided, and establish a child custody order if minor children are involved.
When you choose to work with divorce lawyers, you can enter into the proceedings aware of how it will go and what to expect. They can guide you in making decisions and always look out for your best interest.
If you’d like to be connected with divorce attorneys or even child custody lawyers in Columbus to learn more about how you can file for divorce safely, contact today.
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