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The Shocking Truth About Memphis Nursing Home Abuse – Legal Reader

“I’ve never been through such a hellhole”, one former resident described the conditions.
Memphis, TN – All that glitters is not gold. Bear this in mind when you’re looking for a Memphis nursing home to place a loved one in. Take, for instance, a certain place in Memphis.
Last summer, the facility was ranked by the Memphis Business Journal as one of the best nursing homes in the city. The news came as a shock to the dozens of families who have filed complaints about the low standards of care the facility provides. 
One of the most prominent cases is that of a 74-year-old man who died at the hospital after being found unconscious at the home, where he had been a resident for just two weeks. In that brief period, his condition declined due to neglect. When he was taken to the hospital, the man was dirty, his skin was peeling, he had lost weight and developed bedsores. The family filed a wrongful death claim.
“I’ve never been through such a hellhole”
Other families came forward to share a litany of abuse. Residents at the facility were left lying in urine as no one answered their call when they needed to go to the bathroom. “I’ve never been through such a hellhole”, one former resident described the conditions.
Some said their loved ones were malnourished and had to go days without getting a shower. 
What’s even more shocking is that despite the federal complaints filed, all the inspections into them found the facility to be in compliance.
Legal remedies for nursing home abuse
Experienced lawyers say that the most important thing is to gather evidence. You may use the resident’s account, witness testimony, medical records, and surveillance camera footage. However, as the use of monitoring devices involves consent and privacy concerns, you should discuss the idea with knowledgeable Memphis nursing home abuse lawyers. 
You can use the evidence to file an official complaint. In a case of physical or sexual abuse, the abuser will face criminal charges. The facility may be fined, placed under supervision or put under a new management. 
To get damages, your Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyers will file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. 
How much time do I have to sue?

Image by Marcelo Leal, via in mind that in Tennessee you don’t have much time to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit.
According to the law, you must file the lawsuit within 1 year from the date the injury occurred. However, if the abuse the resident experienced was not obvious, the statute of limitations runs from the moment the injury was discovered. 
Your nursing home lawyers will calculate the amount of damages you deserve, based on their professional experience and legal precedents. You can seek economic damages for the medical expenses the injury incurred. You can also seek compensation for the resident’s pain and suffering, including the emotional distress the abuse caused them. 
The same statute of limitations applies to medical malpractice cases – one year from the moment the injury was discovered. You will need skilled medical malpractice lawyers to file a lawsuit. You’ll need an affidavit of merit to sue so your lawyers will refer you to reputable medical experts. 
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