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What Do You Need to Do When You Are Arrested for Driving Under the Influence? – Legal Reader

The penalties for your DUI arrest will depend on many factors such as your criminal history.
If the cops have arrested you for DUI charges, you and your family members need to act fast so that you don’t land up in more trouble. A drunken driving arrest is undoubtedly one of the most common yet hectic criminal charges in the United States and cops catch more than 5 people a day for DUI offenses. Depending on the state, the DUI process might be different.
If you’re facing DUI charges, you might get overwhelmed and confused, especially if you don’t know what to do. Here are a couple of important things you need to remember when you’re arrested for DUI charges.
Do You Need to Consider Bail to Get Out of Prison?
In most DUI arrest cases, the court will book the defendant and release them as per their own recognizance. Even though the accused person would be released, they still need to appear in court for their upcoming hearing. But if you’re facing multiple DUI charges or any type of accident with the involvement of a DUI offense, you might need to apply for bail to get out of prison. As per Investopedia, you won’t be able to get out of jail if you don’t post bail. 
When Do You Need to Call a Lawyer?
This is one of the most important things you need to remember after getting arrested for DUI charges. As DUI charges might get daunting, you need to contact a reputed and professional lawyer as soon as possible. If you become late in contacting a lawyer, you will face more problems.
However, you need to make sure the lawyer you’re hiring is capable of helping you in such situations. Many unprofessional and inexperienced lawyers won’t be able to help you in your DUI arrest case. If you want a reliable and professional lawyer for your DUI charges, make sure you contact Churchill DUI Defense | Attorney at Law of Denver. Click here to know our location
When you contact us immediately, we will appear in court on your behalf, despite the number of court appearances. This way you will be able to save costly mistakes as well as fines.
Would You Be Allowed to Drive After a DUI Arrest?
This is another important thing you need to know. When you’re arrested for DUI, the cops will take away your driving license while also giving you a permit for temporary driving for 30 days. The DMV will ask you to request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest. If you hire a lawyer and win the DMV hearing, your driving license won’t be suspended.
But if you don’t appear for the DMV hearing, your driving license would become restricted after 30 days which will allow you to drive to your work, doctor appointments, schools, and DUI School.
What Penalties You Can Face for a DUI Arrest??
The penalties for your DUI arrest will depend on many factors such as your criminal history. If you’re arrested for a DUI offense for the first time without any injury, here are some common penalties you might face:
Up to $1,000 fines
Prison for up to 6 months
Suspended license for up to 6 months
DUI school
IID restricted license
These are the thing that can happen after you’re arrested for a DUI offense. Make sure you contact us and our lawyers will help you.

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