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In Conversation with George Karpouzis, Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyer (GK Legal Group)

George Karpouzis founded GK Legal Group in Fullerton, California to focus on personal injury representation and immigration law. As a son of Greek Immigrants, he understands how difficult it can be to navigate the constantly changing complex immigration laws.
GK Legal provides personalized legal services, using their knowledge, skill, and experience to help those who have been harmed as the result of the careless and negligent behavior of others. Read the conversation with George here:

What motivated you to get into personal injury law?
I first got interested in the law while attending California State University. I saw how courtroom decisions could greatly affect people’s lives. I also noticed how insurance companies could find ways to leave personal injury victims without little or no support as they tried to recover. No victim should have to worry about medical bills while also trying to heal from a serious injury. I love to interact with my clients and safeguard their rights through such a difficult time. Maximizing their insurance settlements so that I know their needs will be met not just now, but in the years to come, is very important to me.

What are some common misconceptions about personal injury law?
Many victims may think that insurance payouts follow a certain set of guidelines, but that’s not true. Two people with the same personal injuries can receive very different settlement checks. This is because clients without lawyers can often accept “lowball” settlement offers that leave them with far less than they need to recover. A personal injury lawyer at GK Legal Group fully investigates your case and collects all evidence available. This puts pressure on the insurance company to listen to your demands and provide you with what’s fair for what you’ve been through. A GK Legal attorney negotiates to get you the most possible for your injury claim.

What types of injuries do your clients suffer from and how do those injuries impact their quality of life?
Personal injury victims can get hurt in all sorts of ways. A car accident on a busy Fullerton street may leave them with broken bones or a traumatic brain injury. A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall at a local grocery store could cause a fractured hip, a broken kneecap, or a broken nose. A hip or leg injury can leave victims off their feet for months, and in that time, they can develop other health issues. A brain injury can rob victims of their memories and their ability to control parts of their bodies. At GK Legal, we work to get patients’ support for as long as needed, even if an injury requires life-long compensation.

How do you cope with the stress of dealing with clients who have suffered from traumatic injuries or wrongful death?
It’s important to act with compassion and decency when representing a patient dealing with severe injuries and perhaps a difficult change in lifestyle. Families who have lost a loved one in an accident need the same care and should be protected from the expenses that often arise after a fatal accident. Our legal team takes pride in fighting for insurance support for patients and grieving families. We also strive to disrupt the lives of our clients as little as possible while filing and negotiating an injury claim or a wrongful death claim. We want to give victims as much peace and quiet as possible so they can heal. We also desire to give families the time to grieve without the added stress of dealing with insurance adjusters.

How do you determine if a personal injury claim is worth pursuing, what factors do you consider?
In cases involving simple property damage, or very minor injuries like scrapes or bruises, victims are usually okay to file an insurance claim on their own. A personal injury lawyer probably won’t be able to improve their settlement amount very much. But when serious injuries are involved, having a skilled lawyer from GK Legal Group can make a big difference in the support you take home. As long as there’s an at-fault party whose negligence contributed to your accident, your lawyer can help you earn more. When enormous hospital bills are concerned, insurance companies start to fight harder to limit the compensation you receive. They may even try to blame you for your accident so they can wiggle out of responsibility. This is when having a trustworthy personal injury lawyer will help you protect your interests. 

What is the process of filing a personal injury claim in California?
After your attorney has collected evidence to build a strong case for you, an injury claim will be filed with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. A list of every hardship you are expecting compensation for will also be included. The insurance company will consider this claim and your requests and hopefully make you a settlement offer. Your attorney helps you determine if this offer will cover all of the damages an injury has caused. If not, your lawyer rejects the offer. Negotiations can continue. If an insurance company refused to pay what’s fair, a lawsuit may have to be filed. Your GK Legal attorney would already have a strong case prepared for a trial if it became necessary. 

What types of damages are commonly compensated in a personal injury case?
Compensation usually starts with the reimbursement of every hospital bill you have already paid. Your lawyer would also make sure you received support to pay for any care expected to be needed in the future. The wages you’ve lost while missing work should be covered in a personal injury settlement. The physical pain and emotional trauma caused by an accident can earn additional support. Families who have lost a loved one would seek money to pay funeral expenses and remaining hospital bills. They could also expect help replacing the financial support the victim can no longer provide the family.

How do you ensure you are getting maximum compensation for your clients?
Keeping a client protected from the tactics insurance companies use to rob victims of support is the best way to get the most out of an injury claim. Insurance companies can try to shift blame in an accident. They can delay their response to an accident claim while a victim gets more and more desperate to pay enormous hospital bills. This makes victims more willing to accept “lowball” insurance settlement offers. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your case means insurance adjusters get called out on this bad behavior. Your lawyer would also have strong evidence ready to disprove any attempt by an insurance company to justify rejecting your case. Our thorough preparation means you’ll have the best chance to maximize your settlement check.

How often do your cases go to court?
A very low percentage of personal injury cases ever make it to court. Most cases settle out of court. Insurance companies want to avoid the cost of defending themselves before a judge and jury. In a trial, their unfair behavior might also get exposed. Having a GK Legal Group attorney on your case represents the threat of a trial. Insurance companies might work harder to please you in a settlement offer if they know that your attorney is ready to file a lawsuit if you aren’t happy. It’s important to remember that even if a lawsuit is filed and a court date is scheduled, a case can still be settled in the time leading up to a trial and even during the trial. 

What would you recommend a person do after a car accident to protect themselves?
Some of the best evidence will be found on the scene of your accident, in the moments after it’s happened. If you are left strong enough, try to secure a few details from the accident site. Call 911. Give police officers a full report on what you witnessed to help them create a collision report. Get all of your pain examined by EMS personnel and go to the emergency room if necessary. Take photos of the scene, the damage to cars, and your injuries. If you must leave the scene, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to collect visual evidence for you. Get witness contact information and information from other drivers if the responding officer doesn’t provide it to you. Call your insurance company to report the accident. See your own doctor in the next few days and get all new pain documented. Follow the doctor’s orders, especially when you are asked to see a specialist or to complete physical therapy. Visit my Fullerton car accident page and then take advantage of a free consultation that comes with no obligation with me at GK Legal as soon as possible. You can visit me online here:

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