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Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

When you or someone you love has just been injured in a car accident caused by another person in southern California, you may wonder if it’s worth it to hire an attorney. Injured accident victims are so preoccupied as they deal with pain and suffering from their injuries and worry about how they will cover the costs associated with the crash. They also have to tackle the insurance claims process. You may be wondering, “Is hiring a car crash attorney worth it?”Oftentimes, a car crash attorney in Costa Mesa can be a beneficial person to have in your corner if you’ve been hurt in an accident. There are situations where an attorney might be helpful, and other times you may be left at a large disadvantage if you attempt to take your case on by yourself.
What a Car Crash Attorney Can Do For You
Insurance adjusters are ready and waiting to go up against your claim after your crash. They are skilled and experienced in evaluating claims and finding avenues that lead to them paying as little as possible. Even if they pretend to have your best interest in mind, they are only out to protect their own, even if it means paying you less than you actually need or deserve.
Having a car crash lawyer on your team during a car accident case can help level the playing field. An attorney can immediately start an investigation, putting together evidence that supports your claim of a negligent driver causing your crash. This includes: 

Obtaining the police report from your collision
Investigating the crash scene (reconstructing, speaking with witnesses, etc)
Calculating your damages, including intangible losses that are difficult to price
Handling correspondence with other parties on your behalf

If the insurance company attempts to pressure you into agreeing to accept less compensation than you deserve, your attorney will be there to help you. They will also assist in negotiating with the insurance adjuster in order to get you the compensation you require to fully recover. 
Large insurance companies have extensive resources and experience in handling claims against them. Most often, it is not smart to attempt to face them without a skilled attorney on your side. Without a lawyer, you may not have a working knowledge of all of your existing legal rights and options and what you may truly be owed and able to collect in terms of financial compensation. 
Signs that You Should Hire a Car Crash Lawyer
While a car crash attorney may be helpful in several scenarios, you should primarily consider hiring one in the following situations.

You do not have a good understanding of personal injury law. Evidently, most people are not well-versed in personal injury and car crash laws. Plus, the insurance claims process may vary depending on which state you’re in. If you’re unfamiliar with local laws, it may be a challenge to know what steps to take in order to file a successful personal injury claim for compensation. 

This is why lawyers exist. They have years of experience and the education needed to handle complex legal claims when a car wreck has totally disrupted your life. The goal is to get you the maximum compensation available for your injuries and losses so you are able to get your life back to how you want it. 

You have a long list of damages. Following a car crash, you may be owed damages such as: 

Medical care costs
Vehicle repairs
Lost earnings
Pain & Suffering
Emotional turmoil
Loss of life enjoyment

Several different types of damages exist in a car accident claim. The two most common are economic and non-economic, also known as special and general damages. Economic damages are more easy to calculate because they have a specific dollar amount. However, non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, can be hard to figure out without professional knowledge. 
If you have non-economic damages, working with an attorney is definitely in your best interest. Otherwise, you may miss out on receiving full and fair financial compensation for all of your losses. 
Your claim was denied, or you got a small offer. There are many reasons why the claim you filed may be denied by the insurance company. Hiring an attorney can help improve your chances of being approved from the beginning. However, if you got a small settlement offer, hiring an attorney is especially vital. An experienced lawyer knows how to successfully appeal a denial and fight for the compensation you need and deserve.
The insurance company will not negotiate with you. Sometimes, an insurance company may refuse to negotiate. If this has happened, and you feel that you deserve a better settlement offer, an attorney can represent you in court. 
Situations Where You Don’t Need an Attorney After a Car Crash 
Hiring a car crash attorney is not always necessary. You may not require the help of a car crash lawyer if any of the following situations apply to you.

You did not sustain any injuries. If there were definitely zero injuries that resulted from your crash,  pursuing a personal injury claim is unnecessary. However,  you’ll want to be 100% certain that you did not sustain any injuries in the crash, so be sure to see a doctor in the days following your accident. Some injuries take time to develop and may be undetectable by the average individual. 

You feel the offer you got from the insurance company was fair. If you feel like the insurance company has offered you a fair deal that will successfully cover all of your losses and damages, you may not need to hire an attorney. It is important to go over all of your expenses and losses to be sure that you are not going to miss out on any compensation or have to pay out of pocket for any costs related to your crash, especially if it was caused by a negligent driver. 
How to Find a Great Car Crash Attorney in California
Finding a suitable car crash attorney can be just as difficult as going up against the insurance company. Unfortunately, a lot of dodgy law firms exist, especially in California. Some attorneys place their desire to make a lot of money ahead of their clients’ best interests. In order to avoid hiring subpar attorneys, some key qualities to look for include:

How long the firm has been in practice
The firm’s reputation (check out reviews, news publications, and client testimonials)
Their response time
Their dedication to your case
Whether they offer free consultations 

Additionally, you should also consider attorneys who take payment through contingency fees. This is important as it incentivizes you to seek legal help and it also incentivizes your attorney to fight diligently in order to win your case. 
Many car crash attorneys in Costa Mesa work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay them if you receive full and fair financial compensation for your losses and damages. The fee is taken out of your settlement, simplifying the process. Car accident lawyers who are compassionate and mindful with lots of experience, skill, and resources are the best, and will most likely always get you the compensation and justice that you deserve after you have been hurt in any type of accident.

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