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Do I need a solicitor to obtain a sponsor licence?

The laws of the United Kingdom do not allow all foreign workers and students who wish to simply obtain the appropriate visa and arrive in the United Kingdom in order to look for a job or an educational institution already inside the country. In order to streamline the hiring of foreigners for permanent or temporary work, as well as to regulate the admission of students from abroad, special documents have been developed – sponsorship licences.Yes, in the United Kingdom, professionals from abroad are welcome, but only those companies who have a sponsor’s licence have the right to invite citizens of another state to work for them. With the help of licensing, the British authorities not only control labor immigration, but also provide foreign workers with decent working conditions and an acceptable level of wages.
On the other hand, the rules for hiring foreigners are not as complicated as it may seem at first glance – it is quite easy to get a sponsorship licence for employers for an existing British company if you follow simple rules from the very beginning.
Currently there are two types: limited and unlimited.

Limited are necessary for those people who apply for a Skilled Worker visa.
Unlimited visas are issued to applicants for different types of work visas.

It is required by the employer in order to hire specialists for both temporary and permanent employment.

Only organisations that have a skilled worker sponsor licence and issue appropriate certificates have the right to hire foreign highly qualified specialists. Licensing allows the Government of this state to control the immigration of personnel, while at the same time providing foreign workers with appropriate working conditions and income levels.
Pros to apply for sponsorship licence:

The possibility of hiring skilled workers from outside the country.
Expanded access to talents.
Improved reputation.
Simplified hiring process.

It will be easier to get a sponsorship licence if you contact sponsor licence solicitors from the very beginning and fulfill a number of conditions of the authorities.
The future sponsor needs to prove the validity of their claims to sponsor status, that is:

Be a real company whose main activity is carried out in the country;
Appoint authorised officials permanently residing in the country.

Authorised person – this employee of the company:

Is responsible for obtaining a sponsorship licence and the actions of other employees who have access to the system;
Supports feedback from Home Office if necessary;
Coordinates the entire process of registration of the sponsor’s licence.

Organisations applying for sponsor status must have an impeccable reputation. If your company has ever been convicted of money laundering, fraud, violations of immigration laws, or its previously issued licences were revoked due to non-fulfillment of sponsorship obligations, then most likely the immigration authorities will refuse to issue you a sponsorship licence and you will not be able to invite foreign specialists to work.
Lawyers for issuing a sponsorship licence are convinced that for a company already operating in the United Kingdom, or for a foreign business expanding its presence, it will not be difficult to give an exhaustive answer to all the questions of the immigration authorities, and reliable legal support from Sterling Law will allow you to get a permit in less time than 1 month!
The specialists have established themselves as reliable partners capable of providing competent legal support for any business process in the UK. If you have any questions, contact Sterling Law specialists for advice.

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