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Research Finds Two Kiwis Can Fulfill Daily Dose of Vitamin C –

Foods like kiwis offer natural nutritional benefits without the need to take supplements.

It’s no secret that a daily dose of vitamin C is important for human health. It plays many roles in the body, including helping to form things like collagen for bones, as well as muscle and cartilage. Given its value to the body, many companies have made strong marketing efforts – successfully – to sell vitamin C supplements.
The sale of these supplements tends to be pretty easy, as there are many people who are health conscious and want to avoid some of the health downsides that can come with low vitamin C levels. Some of those issues include things like muscle weakness, fatigue, and more. If a person can avoid such outcomes just by taking a daily dose of the vitamin, the choice might seem like an easy one. However, this big business might not be essential for many people, as making some strategic dietary choices can easily take the place of vitamin supplements, while also coming along with plenty of other health advantages.
Rather than taking a daily dose supplement, studies have shown that it might be better to simply eat the kinds of foods that are going to naturally deliver vitamin C in abundance. For example, eating just one or two kiwis each day is able to provide humans with more than enough vitamin C, and more than what would be received from taking a supplement. Just like that, the individual would not need to purchase and take vitamin C supplements and would also have a tasty addition to their daily menu.
Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels
Even if it was only providing the vitamin C benefit alone, it would be worthwhile to eat a kiwi or two each day. Fortunately, that’s far from all that is being received by the body when this fruit is eaten. In addition to that important vitamin C boost, there are also plenty of other appealing nutritional benefits that are not found in many other foods.
For example, a significant amount of dietary fiber is offered by kiwis. In the modern diet, dietary fiber is something that has become harder and harder to find, as more people eat processed foods than ever before. Processed, packaged foods tend to be quite low in dietary fiber, and as a result, it’s common for people to get very little in their diet. With something like a kiwi – or many other fruits and vegetables – that fiber comes along with the vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring in the food. Going a step further, there are other plant compounds found in kiwis that help to prevent against inflammation in the human body and can fight back against cancer causing free radicals.
So often, the answer to health-related issues can be found directly in nature, rather than a daily dose of supplements. By eating foods that human bodies developed to consume, it seems that many – but not all – health issues will fade away. That’s the case with getting enough vitamin C, as was demonstrated above, and plenty of other nutrients can be found just by eating the right foods while leaving the supplements on the shelf.
Study Finds Eating Two Kiwis A Day Can Boost Vitamin C: No Need For Supplements
Eating 2 Kiwis A Day Can Replace the Need For Vitamin C Supplements, Study Finds

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