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Billboards For Lawyers: Effective Advertising Or Waste Of Money?

Given the stiff competition in the legal industry, lawyers can’t go wrong with investing in advertising to get their names out to the public and attract new clients. Like other professionals, they should also inform their prospects about their services.  
Billboards are a prevalent choice across businesses. Over the years, they’ve been one of the most sought-after advertising methods used in the legal profession.   
However, with the advent of digital marketing tools, you might wonder if billboards are still as useful as they used to be or are a waste of money.   
To answer that question, here’s what you need to know about billboard advertising for legal practices.

The Advantages Of Billboards  
Despite digital marketing strategies becoming the new norm, legal professionals still seem to rely on billboards for outdoor advertising. Below are some of the reasons why: 
An Easy Way To Create Awareness 
Looking for clients for your legal profession can be challenging, especially if you’ve just started. In that case, billboards can be a great way to create awareness.   
You can make your practice stand out from the competition when you have your name, face, and business details on a giant billboard. The people who see your billboard daily will more likely associate your face with someone who offers reliable legal services.   
Your friendly face will pop into their heads whenever they require a lawyer as the best option. 
Knowing this, suppose you want to become more visible in the eyes of your prospective clients. In that case, use a billboard. Modern iterations come with digital signage using LED technology, giving you more creativity in presenting your brand. Consider making short videos for maximum impact. 
For these reasons, billboards are still an excellent advertising method to try these days.
Can Be Placed Wherever You Want  
Billboards can also help you get access to your targeted audience in the most out-of-way spaces. They can be placed anywhere you want to attract the right clients. 
For example, suppose your practice targets businesses and corporations. In that case, you can install billboards along the route where many entrepreneurs and business owners drive or pass by regularly. Doing this puts you right on their radar whenever they need legal advice.
This is another reason why billboards can still be considered a good choice for advertising. 
Unlike traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper and TV ads, billboards remain accessible 24/7 without paying additional costs each time people see them.  
Moreover, even if this form of outdoor advertising requires a considerable amount of money for installation, the overall cost can still be cheaper than other marketing methods because it always stays where it is.
With the information above, you may find billboards still useful for your legal practice in today’s digital landscape. 

The Disadvantages Of Billboards  
For their perks, there are reasons why billboards may not work for everyone. Here are some of them:
Difficult To Follow Up With Leads  
Although billboards seem to be an excellent way to reach potential clients, following up with leads is challenging.  
Unlike digital marketing, you can’t track how many people have seen your ad and become interested in your legal services. You can’t immediately identify your leads and create opportunities to turn them into clients.
Going digital may be the best choice if you want to cultivate leads for your practice because of most online platforms’ analytics tools. 
Minimal Space To Work With  
Placing billboards in specific locations also has limitations. 
For example, you are only given a minimal space to put your digital signage to avoid causing unnecessary distractions and accidents. This is especially true if you target high-traffic locations like main highways.   
Also, with minimal space for your billboard, you have less visual real estate to deliver your message.  
Not As Long-Lasting
Even if billboards remain in place for a long time once installed, they can’t stay forever. Depending on the terms and conditions of your contract, your ad will only be up for a certain period. 
That’s a hard limitation to your exposure time. Once the contract expires, the signage is removed.  
A hard close like this may cut your branding awareness short, especially if you’re not investing in other forms of advertising.

Are Billboards Best For You?
If you want more people to hear about your law firm, you might have considered billboards a good advertising option. However, with the proliferation of modern digital marketing tools, ask yourself if signage is still a good investment.  
The answer depends on your budget, needs, and current capabilities. Keep this information in mind to weigh your promotional plans better.

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