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When are the Services of Tax Lawyers Necessary in San Francisco? – Legal Reader

The IRS can use various means to collect money that is owed to them from unpaid taxes. This can include extreme measures like seizures of property and bank accounts.
San Francisco, CA – Most people can file their taxes every year either on their own or with some help from a tax professional. In many cases, this process proceeds without incident and the person can move on after filing. However, some people may need additional legal advice and help related to their tax situation, and professional help is required. Lawyers who address these kinds of tax situations can be consulted for specific advice about how to handle the matter. 
When the government has filed criminal charges
It is possible that a person can be prosecuted by the government for serious problems with their taxes. San Francisco tax lawyers can help with issues related to potential fraud, unpaid taxes, false statements on tax forms, and other matters that can land a person in criminal court due to tax issues. In any criminal case, lawyers usually try to negotiate with the government to accept a plea deal for a lesser sentence in exchange for avoiding a trial. 
For business founders and owners
Anyone who is starting a business should get legal advice related to things like what type of incorporation is best for them, along with how to get the most favorable tax situation through things like deductions and write offs. The amount of money spent on legal services for a business can prove to be very valuable if large amounts are saved when filing taxes each year. California tax lawyers can be consulted at any time from before the founding of a company as well as to give advice related to things like back taxes or how to file properly. 
When preparing an estate
Tax lawyers and Estate planning lawyers may perform similar services for those who are creating wills, trusts, and other legal instruments that can distribute their wealth. Ideally, wealth should be sent to those who need it without the government taking away too much in taxes or penalizing the estate in various ways. The attorney can also assist with the formalities of paperwork and filings to set up the estate properly. 
When money is owed to the government

Budget paper and pen with silhouettes of two men walking away from each other and the word “Tax” in bold red letters; image by Geralt, via IRS can use various means to collect money that is owed to them from unpaid taxes. This can include extreme measures like seizures of property and bank accounts if the money is not paid on time. Legal advice is beneficial at this time to avoid those kinds of serious consequences and possibly re-negotiate the debt load to pay a smaller amount. 
More information is available can help people get in touch with the right local lawyers in their area. Anyone who needs a referral to an attorney in their city or state can call 800-672-3103 for assistance.

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