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What is The Best And Worst Case Scenario For My DUI

The USA has one of the most well-equipped highways and stringent traffic laws to maintain order. According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety organization, around 20175 persons have lost their lives.
There might be many reasons that result for the increase in death figures. But one of the main reasons attributed to the death toll is driving under the influence of intoxicating substances.
Do you drive on the highways?
If you do so, this article might be designed primarily for you. The article focuses mainly on DUI and the best and worst-case scenarios. So let’s try to understand things so that you get an idea of things here. So let’s begin with the discussion.
What Is Dui, And What Are The Laws?
Driving under the influence is a crime in the United States. There are certain guidelines based on which you can drink and drive. The stakeholders that oversee the traffic have set up laws for DUI.
Infringement of the laws is hurled with punishments and penalties. The common penalty includes stripping off driving licenses, jail time, monetary fines, community service, and others. Nevertheless, you can drink and drive. Yes, you can do it, but under the limit. Now, what is the limit set for DUI crimes?
When you are interrogated for a DUI offense, they check your BAC, that is, Blood Alcohol Concentration. According to the law, the BAC limit set for persons above the age of 21 is 0.08%.
Therefore, if the individual crosses the mark or goes beyond it, he/she will be found guilty of charges. A slightly different goes for people lesser than the age of 21; according to the law, if the person’s BAC crosses the mark between 0.00 to 0.02, then, in that case, it can be understood or counted under the DUI charges. To know more about the laws, the  DUI lawyer Fulton County can help you out.
The Best And The Worst-Case Scenario For Dui 
If you are charged with driving under the influence, you can fight court cases in different states in the USA. The laws and regulations are slightly different, and they vary slightly for the different states, but the common is that there are harsh provisions. Let us try to see them all here.
For example, let us consider Georgia as our focus state. What is best, and what could you face in case of DUI charges?
1st Time
In your first DUI conviction, you might have to pay a monetary fine of around $1000, and not only this; you get upto 12 months in jail. However, you can get a waiver with minimum suffering, like you can get a minimum of 24 hours in jail if you pay a fine of around $3000.00.
Not only this, but you might also have to face 40 hours of community service. Now this one is for 21 years and over. Now, for those below 21 years, DUI charges can cause you to community services for a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 40 hours.
2nd Time 
If you repeat it for the second time, you will be jailed for a maximum of 12 months. Here the minimum is 72 hours of jail time. This means you can make things easy if you pay $600.00 to the authorities as a monetary fine. Along with these, you may have to do community service for around 240 hours.
3rd Time
For the third time, the maximum punishment will be 12 months in jail, along with a $5000 fine. Along with it, you might also have to do community service for around 240 hours. Yes, here also, you can get a waiver to transform the maximum into the minimum with charges.
You will have to take the help and assistance of a DUI lawyer in Fulton County to fight your cases, mainly in Georgia.
Closing It Here
Driving under the influence is never a good thing to do. It can bring you physical harm and other harm. In addition, the authorities can strip off your driving license. Therefore you need to be highly alert and do the needful to avoid being caught and charged with a DUI offense. Drive safely; avoid DUI.

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