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What Causes a Dispute with the IRS After Taxes are Filed in El Paso? – Legal Reader

After a dispute with the IRS has been resolved, the person should do what is necessary to prevent future trouble related to their taxes.
El Paso, TX – The IRS has a number of different things that they do to look at a person’s taxes and ensure that they are paying the proper amount that they owe. The federal government also has a number of enforcement mechanisms that they can use against a person who is not paying their taxes if necessary. Some of these enforcement measures are serious penalties such as property seizures and criminal charges. Here is a brief list of some of the ways that people or businesses find themselves in trouble with the IRS. 
Money owed from taxes
One of the most common reasons a person will hear from the IRS after filing is If there is simply an unpaid tax debt. Lawyers are good at negotiations, and they may be able to remedy the situation for anyone who has a problem with the IRS, while minimizing the amount that they owe. In many cases, the person can just pay what they owe to take additional steps to come to a compromise and pay a settled amount. It is also important to get advice from El Paso tax lawyers and pay the debt quickly, as the government can add interest to unpaid taxes. 
Audits for discrepancies
The IRS may ask to audit an individual or business when it appears that there are serious problems with their filings. This can include large amounts given to charity that may be illegitimate, excessive deductions, not reporting earnings from 1099 forms for work as an independent contractor, or other issues. Texas tax lawyers can be a valuable resource for anyone trying to comply with the audit and get through their issues without causing any additional problems. 
When the IRS has placed a lien on property

Two-story home in subdivision; image by Ronnie George, via government has the ability to place a lien on property if the owner has not paid their taxes correctly. This is normally done with real property and real estate, or they can place a lien on other valuable items such as cars and boats if necessary. Tax lawyers can assist with the process to dispute the lien, the amount of money owed, and possibly come to a settlement or take other actions to make sure that the person does not lose their valuable property. 
Preventing future disputes
After a dispute with the IRS has been resolved, the person should do what is necessary to prevent future trouble related to their taxes.Tax professionals and estate planning lawyers routinely help people with their financial situation to remain compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. This will help minimize the possibility that the government will come after the same individual a second time. 
Finding a local tax attorney is available to help anyone who needs to get in touch with a lawyer in their city or state. Those who need assistance and a referral to a licensed attorney can call 800-672-3103 for more information. 

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