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How to Stay Safe in Parking Lots – 9 Pro Tips – Legal Reader

Consider parking near the elevators or entrances of the building if you can.
You might have heard keep away from parking lots several times. They are sometimes risky environments. Leaving your workplace or returning to your vehicle after a shopping excursion is when you are most likely to be targeted by a criminal. Kidnappings, assaults, and other crimes are made easier when victims park their vehicles in enclosed spaces like garages, parking lots, and other buildings. Being alert while strolling across an empty parking lot is especially important. The following are some suggestions for maintaining vigilance and security when parked in a garage or other covered parking area.
Stay Focused
It’s hard to focus with all the noise around. Our cell phones are by far the most significant. It’s common to see folks in parking lots walking about with their heads down or fidgeting with something in their hands.
Don’t let a phony feeling of safety make you blind to the world. Walk tall, carry yourself with self-assurance, and avoid being distracted by your phone. Be on the lookout for anything that seems out of the ordinary, too.
Keep Yourself Safe from Sexual Assault
Years ago, we discovered parking lots are high-risk areas for attacks and robberies. Assaults on women occurred in parking lots at the third highest rate, behind only workplaces and homes.
This is because women may not pay attention when they exit a large store, supermarket, or shopping center and enter a parking lot. People often stare at their phones, at their friends, or their kids when out shopping. They are easily side tracked by everything that comes their way.
If you are a victim of sexual assault, get in touch with a negligent security rape lawyer. You must understand your legal options. If the attacker is not apprehended or charged, you may still have a claim for negligent security against the building’s owner or management.
Locate Your Keys Beforehand
It’s common to get to your vehicle only to realize you’ve misplaced your keys. Having your keys ready to go when you get into your automobile might save your life. Criminals are always on the lookout for easily distracted victims. They may go through your bag or briefcase looking for your keys if you’re not careful.
When you go to your vehicle, ensure the manual key is in the ignition and the doors are unlocked. Keep your finger close to the button if your vehicle requires a key fob to open the door or trigger an alarm system.
Be Efficient While Parking
Consider parking near the elevators or entrances of the building if you can. If you can’t locate a position right in front of the building, try to choose one near some lights. Consider writing down your parking spot’s coordinates, just in case. If you become lost while trying to find your automobile, search for labels or other identifying features. As a result, you won’t waste time needlessly exploring the parking lot.
Keep Your Valuables Aside
There is a hidden compartment in the automobile where you may put expensive stuff that might be stolen. Keep your valuables and bulky goods safe in your sedan’s trunk. Under-seat storage might be useful for those who drive pickup trucks or vans. Use the blankets to keep your car’s contents safe in the garage.
Watch for Pedestrians

Parking lot; image courtesy of harutmovsisyan via Pixabay, www.pixabay.comTo get to their vehicles from parking garages, pedestrians often use the roadway. On the road, pedestrians should always be given priority.
Practicing defensive driving skills can help you stay aware and avoid being injured by careless pedestrians. People are often preoccupied with their electronic devices or musical entertainment. Likewise, they must contend with infants and toddlers in parking lots. You should keep a keen eye on them since they cannot pay enough attention to the vehicles in the parking lot.
Choose a Suitable Parking Space
It’s recommended that you park at a place that’s a ways away from your final destination. In these areas, pedestrians are more likely to outnumber cars. Light up the area enough.
Slow Down
In parking lots, speed restrictions are enforced. Their typical speeds are lower than ten mph. It is imperative that the official speed limit not be exceeded under any circumstances. If a vehicle or pedestrian suddenly appears in your way, you’ll be able to avoid collisions more quickly if you do this. For example, driving in the snow or rain might be more challenging.
Get out of here as soon as possible.
Once you’ve gotten inside your automobile, you shouldn’t waste time. Keep an eye on your environment while you make the necessary modifications. Quickly get out of there. Stay put until you’ve finished what you’re doing there.
You Just Have to Trust Your Gut!
If you’re not sure what to do, trust your instincts. Do not ignore your instincts if they advise you to return home while you are alone by yourself. Humans are endowed with innate abilities, including recognizing dangerous situations. If you get the gut sensation that something is wrong, don’t disregard it. You can usually trust your gut when it tells you to fight or run away.

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