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Can a Lawyer Get Me Out of My Timeshare? – Legal Reader

If all else fails, you can actually sue the timeshare company for preventing you from leaving your timeshare agreement.
As many North Carolina residents quickly discover, getting out of a timeshare can be quite problematic. If you are intent on canceling your timeshare1, you might be exploring your legal options. But can a lawyer really get you out of your timeshare? If so, what kind of methods might an attorney use to help you in this situation?
These are valid questions, and they’re probably best left answered by a professional, qualified attorney who has experience with timeshare cancellations. Funnily enough, this is a somewhat common issue in the legal world, and there are attorneys who have dealt with this situation many times before. Book a consultation with one of these legal professionals, and you can learn how they may be able to help. Internet research is certainly helpful, but a one-on-one consultation provides you with personalized legal advice. 
Understanding the Fine Print

Woman holding sign that says Read the Fine Print; image by Geralt, via timeshare contract often contains considerable “legalese” that is written in the fine print. The key to cancelling your timeshare is understanding this fine print2. Without a legal background, this can be difficult. However, you can enlist the help of an attorney to analyze your contract and determine the best means of escape. Normally, there is something called a “rescission window” during which you can exit your timeshare without too much hassle. Things become more problematic if your rescission window has passed – but an attorney can still help with a variety of exit strategies. 
Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter
One of the most important parts of your timeshare cancellation is the cancellation letter. In this letter, you will clearly communicate your desire to end your timeshare agreement. It’s important to choose your words carefully in this scenario, and you will need to be as detailed as possible. That being said, you should also avoid being too wordy or overly emotional. Your attorney can certainly help you draft an effective timeshare cancellation letter. 
When is it Time to Sue?
If all else fails, you can actually sue the timeshare company for preventing you from leaving your timeshare agreement. While this is typically a last resort, it is possible – and sometimes it is the only real option that remains. Obviously, you will need assistance from a qualified attorney to file a lawsuit against the timeshare company, and you can expect a lengthy trial process if the company is intent on not backing down. 
Where Can I Find a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney Near Me? 
If you’ve been searching for a timeshare cancellation attorney in North Carolina, look no further than Boukzam Law. Over the years, we have helped many residents of the Tar Heel State cancel their timeshares quickly and efficiently. Even if you have been told that canceling your timeshare is impossible, you should still reach out and book your consultation. Dealing with this situation may be much easier than you have been led to believe. 

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