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7 Things to Think About Before Moving Your Family Practice Office to California

Moving your family practice office to California isn’t always an easy choice. You may have heard something about the high cost of living and the state’s heavy regulations. And even if you find a practice space that fits your needs, there are still many other things to consider before moving your practice to California. Here are some things to consider before you make your final decision.
Be Updated on All Laws and Regulations in California
The state’s Medical Board has many laws, rules, and regulations regarding quality of care, the physician’s conduct, licensing, staff hiring, and more. Ensure your future California practice complies with everything and then some.
Consider All Legal Aspects of Your Work
Moving a family practice is one thing – and we will talk more about it below – but understanding California’s laws and regulations concerning your practice may become complicated. Ensure you get all the information, resources, and documents from a reliable insurance company and a reputable law firm. It would not hurt to discuss medical malpractice in the state with an experienced attorney and retain a lawyer to oversee your practice’s work to avoid and address any legal complications.
Plan Your Move Early
You should start planning your move to California a few months before you move. That way, you will have time to think through your options and decide how you want to handle every aspect of this process. Of course, you’ll also need enough time for all the paperwork with moving a practice.
This will include all the forms you need to send to your state’s licensing office and any necessary documentation regarding insurance. You will also want to know each state’s requirements, such as credentials and education requirements for your future staff. You may advertise family practice jobs in California if you need new employees, but before you do that, ensure you know everything about California’s healthcare employment regulations. It will help attract the right applicants and increase your patients’ portfolio.
Budget Your Trip and the Future Practice Office
Moving to any location costs money, but moving your family practice office to California can cost a lot more. You will have more rent, utilities, and staffing expenses, and you’ll also need to pay for other necessities that you may not include in that practice space. For example, you’ll likely need a new computer system or other new furniture, and you should probably factor in the cost of moving all of your files to your new location. You should budget for these expenses and write them so you’ll have a financial overview of how moving to California will impact your practice.
Hire a Moving Company
You’ll likely want to hire a moving company to help you move your practice. There are many benefits to hiring this type of company, including the fact that they will take care of everything for you. You’ll have someone else pack up your belongings and make sure nothing gets damaged or lost during shipping, and they will also keep track of all your items so they can be placed in your new office space. You should consider the cost of hiring a moving company before making a move to California or any other type of location.
If you don’t want to pack your entire practice in one trip, you’ll need to purchase or hire moving boxes. These boxes are usually made from hard plastic or sturdy cardboard and come in many sizes.
Get Moving Insurance
You’ll need to purchase moving insurance before moving, even if your moving company will take care of this part. This type of insurance is important since it will provide coverage while your items are transported. You can find this type of insurance at most insurance agencies, and you will typically be able to purchase this for about $4 to $5 per $100 of coverage.
Change Your Business Address
Once you’ve moved your practice, you’ll need to change your business address. You can do this easily online, but you should be sure also to update your mailing address and obtain any new business cards. Be sure also to put up a temporary sign near the road that lists your new location. This is a good idea if you have been in business for a long time and several people know where to find you.
Moving your practice to California can be a great step for any family practice office. The good news is that it is relatively inexpensive, and your insurance policy covers many costs. It may take several months to get everything ready for the move, but once you’re in California, your business will have a better chance of success if you have quality office space, an excellent reputation, qualified and hardworking employees, and outstanding work ethics.

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