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OT vs PT: How To Choose The Right Career Path For You

Choosing your career path can be challenging, especially since there are many great job opportunities available. 
We’re going to look at occupational therapy, physical therapy, and paralegals as examples of excellent career choices.
Occupational Therapists vs. Physical Therapists
Occupational therapist and physical therapist jobs are amazing opportunities for compassionate people who want to help other people regain their functionality. 
Both of these jobs have similar goals. Both types of therapists work to restore a certain level of functionality in their patients. However, a physical therapist is usually more focused on one area of functionality. For example, you might assist someone who has a frozen shoulder to learn exercises and techniques that improve their level of reach. 
You might help someone with knee issues get to the point where they can walk again. You would work with that person on a weekly or daily basis to restore those functions.
An occupational therapist focuses on the individual as a whole person and his or her desires for functionality. In other words, the occupational therapist will try to help the patient regain all areas of functionality that pertain to the tasks that he or she needs to perform for daily living. 
That means your focus will be to help the individual become independent enough to cook, use the bathroom, perform house cleaning chores, and do other duties that person needs to do to function well in daily life.
Paralegal Jobs
Paralegals are attorney’s helpers. These people play a large role in helping other people, as well. This might be the career for you if you prefer the legal field over the medical field. 
Paralegals often perform large amounts of research. These persons are usually the first individuals that clients talk to. They may perform intake tasks and take documents for notary signatures and so forth.
How to Choose the Best Career
Choosing the best career for yourself requires you to take a personal inventory to decide what’s right for you. You need to think about the level of income you want to earn as well as your favorite interests. 
You’ll also need to consider the amount of contact you want to have with customers and clients, and you’ll need to think about the tasks you’d rather perform as well.
How to Start Your Career
You can start your career as a paralegal by choosing the best online paralegal certificate program from reputable places like You can do the same if you’d like to be an occupational therapist or physical therapist. Starting with a degree or certificate program is the most effective way to start. 
You may also want to volunteer or apply for entry-level jobs that will expose you to some of the tasks you’ll have to perform in such careers. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go in your training. A shorter program may allow you to obtain a job faster, while a longer program might give you access to better job positions.
Now you know of at least three amazing job opportunities that you can see. A world of certificate and degree programs is available at your fingertips if you want it.

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