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5 Most Unusual Causes of Car Accidents

We know all about the most common causes of car accidents, like driving under the influence (DUI), speeding, and distracted driving. However, those aren’t the only causes. Some accidents can be caused by some unusual things, such as: Daylight Saving
You might think the dangers of daylight savings are trivial things like being late to work or being one hour early to an appointment. However, daylight saving can also be associated with an increase in fatal car accidents. 
According to a study, there was a 6% increase in fatal accidents coinciding with daylight saving. Most of the time, a lack of sleep was a contributing factor. Drowsiness and fatigue can impair your ability to think and react and even affect your vision and judgment. You may also fall asleep while driving, resulting in an accident. 
Using Feet As Brakes
While fortunately an isolated incident, a 24-year-old man from Detroit was arrested for driving on a suspended license and reckless driving after using his feet as brakes. The man’s pickup truck had faulty brakes, and the driver used his feet as an alternative option while driving through Roseville, north of Detroit.
After receiving reports of the man driving all over the road using his feet, the police stopped him. By this time, he had caused multiple collisions. 
Self-Driving Cars
While it’s convenient not to have to control your own vehicle, that doesn’t mean you won’t be involved in car accidents with self-driving cars. There have been hundreds of accidents reported involving vehicles with full self-driving technology, traffic-aware cruise control, and other driver-assist systems. 
Of the almost 400 crashes United States safety regulators knew about, 273 were Teslas. However, current data doesn’t yet paint a complete picture of the dangers of self-driving cars. The NHTSA needs to gather more data to learn about risks and trends.  
Choking On an Apple
Most people know that their full attention isn’t on the road when they’re eating while driving. Distracted driving is also a major cause of car accidents. However, one driver had an altogether different experience. An accident in his vehicle, while not to be celebrated, was what may have saved his life.
 In 2011, the Bucks County man was eating an apple while driving. He choked on a piece of it and passed out. No longer in control of his vehicle, he crashed through a concrete barrier. The impact caused him to be thrown against the steering wheel, with his chest taking most of the impact. This movement dislodged the apple chunk, which was found on the dashboard. The man survived his injuries. 
No one expects to drive down a normal road only to end up in a sinkhole. Still, it happens. In fact, it happened as recently as late 2023 when a car with a driver and passenger fell into a sinkhole in Rochester. While the woman was able to be pulled out of the vehicle, the man had to wait for emergency services to arrive. He was taken to the hospital. According to a neighbor on the scene, it was dark and raining, and the hole was in a blind spot.
Some accident types are certainly more common than others. However, even the most unexpected things can lead to collisions, such as self-driving cars, apples, and even daylight saving!

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