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Woman Gets Justice After U.S. Marshal is Convicted of Crimes –

The law finally caught up to a U.S. Marshal, vindicating his victim.
There is a certain expectation that those working to protect us will uphold the law in their personal lives. That doesn’t always happen, of course, and when cases come up that demonstrate how law enforcement can wind up committing crimes of their own, those stories always get a lot of attention.  One of the most prominent of these cases in recent years involves a former U.S. Marshal who was involved in a scheme to frame an ex-girlfriend for a serious offense. Although these events transpired years ago, the case has recently come back into the public eye as a result of a conviction. 
To get the full picture of what happened in this case, it’s necessary to look a few years into the past. A U.S. Marshal by the name of Ian Diaz was in a romantic relationship with a woman named Michelle Hadley during a one-year period between 2014 – 2015. The two had purchased a condo together, and that condo became the source of a disagreement when their relationship ended. Diaz wanted Hadley to walk away from the property and leave it for him to own with another woman, whom he had since married. 
In an effort to force Hadley out of the picture, a plot was created between Diaz and his wife. They would create accounts online that pretended to be Hadley asking men to come to the Diaz home and go through a rape fantasy with his wife. These fake sexual assaults were then reported to law enforcement as Hadley was targeted as the individual behind the crimes. She was arrested, charged with felony counts, and wound up in prison for three months due to the allegations. 

Photo by Kindel Media from PexelsThrough the process of investigating the allegations against Hadley, it was determined that she was actually the victim in this case, rather than the criminal. She was released when all charges against her were dropped, and new charges were instead brought against Diaz’s wife, Angela. After the court proceedings played out, she eventually was forced to serve five years in prison for her role in this scheme. 
While Angela was punished relatively promptly for her actions, the same can’t be said for Ian Diaz. It took all the way until 2021 for him to be arrested on a variety of charges, including cyberstalking. He was quickly found guilty by the jury in his case and is set to be sentenced. The maximum punishment on the table for the crimes he was convicted of committing is 20 years. 
Michelle Hadley had to wait a long time to get justice for the crimes that were committed against her by a person with authority, and it seems likely that the fact that Mr. Diaz was a U.S. Marshal likely played a role in just how long it took for the process to play out. With that said, the right people were held accountable for their actions in the end, and hopefully, Ms. Hadley can feel vindicated that justice prevailed over the long run. 
Woman framed in ‘rape fantasy’ plot speaks out after conviction of ex-U.S. marshal
Deputy U.S. Marshal Convicted of Conspiracy, Cyberstalking, Perjury, and Obstruction

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