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The Role of a Slip and Fall Attorney in Your Case – Legal Reader

Many reasons can contribute to the accident, like the owner’s negligence.
Every lawsuit or trial requires guidance from a professional lawyer. Without a lawyer, you might get more tangled in the twists and turns of the law. Moreover, it might cost you a long time, more money, and even severe consequences. Though common, slip and fall cases are not easy to deal with. It will benefit you if you hire a professional slip and fall attorney for your slip and fall case. However, in case you are unaware of the term, here are a few things about a slip and fall attorney. 
What is a Slip and Fall Attorney?
A slip and fall case lies under the personal injury case when a victim slips and falls on any other person’s property. If you slip and fall on someone else’s property and get injured, you can sue that person. It is a premises liability claim where the victim claims monetary compensation from the property owner or the person in charge of the premises at the time of the accident. However, in many cases, the property owner and the other person have to share the compensation charge in half. But in most cases, they are solely covered by the owner. 
Therefore, the attorney who covers your slip and fall case and helps you get your compensation is your slip and fall attorney. Moreover, a slip and fall attorney defends you in a slip and fall case and saves you if you are wrongly charged. 
When Should You Consult a Slip and Fall Attorney?
If you are a victim of a slip and fall case and are badly injured, you can ask the owner to compensate you. Now, if the owner disagrees to pay you, you should take the help of a slip and fall attorney and can move to court. However, even if you sort things out outside court, it is advised to take your attorney to remain clear from further legal complications. 
Role of a Slip and Fall Attorney
A slip and fall case may sound simple, but it is not. An attorney has much to prepare to get you your deserved compensation. Kentucky slip and fall attorneys have pointed out some of the critical roles of a slip and fall attorney. They are as follows:
Investigating the Slip and Fall Accident
Your attorney’s first and foremost role is to investigate the area where the accident occurred. Many reasons can contribute to the accident, like the owner’s negligence. Negligence of the property owner may include:
Slippery floor due to irregular cleaning
Water on the floor
Broken handrails
Broken staircase
Uneven and dirty path
In most cases, the charge is against the residential and business owners. However, a slip and fall case is not uncommon against municipal corporations. Your attorney will investigate to find the root cause of the accident.

Man falling down stairs; image by Sammy Williams, via the Claim for You
This is a crucial step in a slip and fall case. Your slip and fall attorney will find out who is liable to compensate you for the accident. The liability claim is not as easy as you think. It depends on who is responsible for the slip and fall accident. If you fall due to the poor condition of the floor or if it is broken, then the owner has to compensate you. However, if you fall into a rented shop, the shop owner must pay you.
Summing Up Your Damages
Your attorney will go through the details of the damage and constitute the severity of your damage. The compensation includes your present damages and future loss that you may face.
Negotiating with the Insurance Company 
An insurance company will try to pay as little as they want. Homeowners, renters, and business liability insurance cover a slip and fall case. Your hired attorney will help you get the right insurance amount.
Representing You in Court
Your attorney will represent you if the case moves inside the courtroom. They will present the necessary evidence to prove your claim and get the desired settlement money. Moreover, if you are the owner’s party, your attorney will help you prove that you are not at fault and are not liable to compensate the opponent party. 
To summarize, it is better to hire an experienced attorney if you get into a slip and fall case. Your attorney will help you get the compensation or help you.

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