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Save Lives with Apple Fall Detection + Wearable Airbags – Legal Reader

We can now save many more lives with wearable airbags.
Apple Watch now offers Fall Detection sensing and automatic fall notification.
Add wearable airbags and we now can save many lives each year.
Automatic Crash Protection: In 1978, I began working at NHTSA to get airbags into cars to prevent motorists from deaths and injuries in crashes – automatically.1 
Airbags now Save Thousands of Lives each year: Here we are decades later, and airbags have saved many thousands of lives in crashes largely thanks to Ralph Nader and Joan Claybrook.2 
When I worked at NHTSA on airbags, there was one of the fathers of airbags, Dr. Carl Clark, who said to me as he was retiring: “Lou many older people are dying of fall injuries, and I am going to invent inflatable pants that can sense a fall and protect the person from injury.”3

Photo by Marek Levak from PexelsFalls Now Cause Tens of Thousands of Deaths each year:
CDC data as of 2020 reports that Falls are the leading cause of unintentional deaths among Americans aged 50 to 85+ and now amount to more than 40,000 deaths each year.4
Now Wearable Airbags Are Here:
We can now save many more lives with wearable airbags. Amazon offers them.
For more information on the growing activity on “Wearable airbags” search Google, YouTube, and Amazon for the growing progress in injury prevention products. These products may also help prevent injuries to pedestrians, cyclists and sports participants.
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