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Savannah Restaurant Sued for Sexual Harassment Days After City Holds Prevention Meeting – Legal Reader

It is worth mentioning that just a few weeks prior to this incident, the city of Savannah held a special meeting on the subject of sexual assault prevention. 
Savannah seems to have a problem with sexual harassment and assault. One of its most popular restaurants has just been sued for sexual harassment, and this came just weeks after the city held a sexual assault prevention meeting. It seems clear that the municipal government is aware that they have a problem, but the question remains: What are they doing about it? The truth is, victims cannot rely on the government to protect them from sexual harassment in the workplace. So who exactly can they turn to?
If you have experienced sexual harassment in Georgia, you can turn to a sexual harassment attorney for help. These legal professionals can help you pursue a positive legal outcome and hold negligent parties accountable. Filing a lawsuit also allows you to pursue a settlement, which can provide you with meaningful financial compensation for everything you have been forced to endure. Remember, the statute of limitations may prevent you from taking legal action if you wait too long, so it’s best to get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. 
The Haunt Sued for Sexual Harassment
A restaurant called “The Haunt” was sued in Savannah after widespread allegations of sexual harassment, according to recent reports. Numerous women came forward with allegations, although many of them chose to remain anonymous. At least one lawsuit has been filed, but authorities say that the restaurant did not actually violate any state laws. Authorities also stated that it was difficult to move forward with the investigation since no victims were willing to come forward. 
With all this being said, many individuals took to social media in order to support those who were making anonymous claims of sexual harassment against the restaurant. Many of the women’s stories were shared on social media, although the authors of these stories were once again kept anonymous.

Smartphone with “Social” on the screen & various social media icons, sitting on computer keyboard; image by Geralt, via what actually happened? According to details from one lawsuit, the owner of the restaurant allegedly filmed her while she was performing an “intimate act” without permission. He then distributed the video to other people, and these individuals later harassed the victim. The owner of the restaurant denies these accusations. It is worth mentioning that just a few weeks prior to this incident, the city of Savannah held a special meeting on the subject of sexual assault prevention. 
Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today
If you’ve been searching the Savannah area for a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney, there are many legal professionals who are ready and waiting to assist you. With their help, you can hold negligent parties accountable. No worker should have to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace, but unfortunately, it seems like this is a reality in Savannah. However, that doesn’t mean you need to accept this situation without fighting back in court. Book your consultation and explore your options with a legal professional today. 

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