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Prominent College Football Program Moves on from Head Coach Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Legal Reader

The head coach, who underwent an undefeated season and national championship in 2019, will not return to coach the team in 2022. – According to reports, Louisiana State University recently announced that they will be moving on from their head football coach, due to a lackluster season and sexual misconduct claims on campus. The head coach, who underwent an undefeated season and national championship in 2019, will not return to coach the team in 2022. 
Despite this, he coached the remaining games of the 2021 season. This scandal comes alongside another story at LSU, which reports that the French Studies Department Chair was removed from her position after failing to act on six accusations of sexual misconduct, all of which were perpetrated by a French graduate student. 
These six women have filed a Title IX lawsuit against LSU and has resulted in about 100 students staging a protest to suggest that stronger actions be taken against LSU. Furthermore, the LSU head coach agreed to not coach any other SEC teams until 2023. Additionally, the coach was accused of failing to report multiple accusations of sexual assault and rape from his players, which facing a report that he sexually harassed a woman at the New Orleans Superdome. 
LSU is currently searching for the next head coach of their prestigious football program. 
What to do if your administrators are ignoring sexual harassment claims. 
If left unaddressed, sexual harassment can lead to more severe sexual crimes. Both men and women are vulnerable and susceptible to harassment and can come in many forms. Sexual harassment can be elusive, leaving victims to even question what they have just experienced.

Photo by Ben Hershey on UnsplashSexual harassment or harassment of any kind can occur in many ways. Others may perceive that the threatening messages to be harassment. Louisiana Law prohibits and punishes incidents of sexual harassment. In the unfortunate event that anyone experiences sexual harassment in an academic setting or in the workplace, it is recommended to do the following: 
Document the incident with your smartphone 
Clarify the incident with human resources 
Hire a sexual harassment attorney in your area. 
File a lawsuit with the help of said attorney.
New Orleans Natives who witness sexual harassment in any way, shape, or form should not be taken lightly. These incidents should be reported and handled with the utmost respect and care. Help is available! You are entitled to peace of mind and protection from sexual harassment! Contact a skilled attorney today! 
Unfortunately, leaving sexual harassment claims ignored or unaddressed can cause worse emotional turmoil in the future. You may be entitled to compensation and your rights deserve to be represented. In most cases, is it recommended to contact the services of a skilled legal expert in these cases. Seek legal counsel in the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana today.

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