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Reasons You Should Avoid Driving Under the Influence  – Legal Reader

When you drink and drive, you’re risking the lives of everyone else around you.
Driving under the influence is one of the most common causes of severe road accidents. When you’re intoxicated and start driving, you’re not only putting yourself in danger but also the other drivers and passengers. Not to mention, it’s illegal, and you will face significant consequences.
In this article, we will discuss why you should avoid driving under the influence. Make sure you read this article to the end.
You Are Putting Yourself in Harm’s Way
Do you know why driving under the influence is illegal? This is because it will question your safety factors as well as other drivers’ safety. Alcohol will affect your judgment, attention span, decision-making skills, and ability to control the car. Alcohol will also reduce your reaction time as a driver, which will make you vulnerable to accidents.
When you’re driving under the influence, you’re risking not only your life but also the lives of the pedestrians that are crossing or walking along the intersection. Due to your negligence, you might end up severely injuring or killing someone. However, if you’re facing a first time DUI charge, you might be able to save yourself from paying a hefty fine or serving jail time. All you need to do is contact an experienced DUI defense attorney.
You Can End Up Harming Others

Woman in brown blazer on stretcher with cervical collar; image by Alexisrael, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, no changes.This is one of the most common reasons you should never drive under the influence. When you drink and drive, you’re risking the lives of everyone else around you. You can hit a tree or collide directly with another car. As a result, you might end up injuring someone else. You might also get caught by law enforcement officers, who are looking for drivers driving under the influence,
It’s a Crime 
When you are arrested for DUI, you will also be charged with a crime. This is because driving under the influence is illegal. This means that you might end up losing your driving license or paying a hefty amount of fine. You might also be incarcerated if this is your second offense within five years. You can also face legal lawsuits from the other drivers or passengers that you’ve injured. This means that you need to pay compensation for the medical expenses, property loss, pain, and suffering of the victim. However, the amount of fine is dependent on various factors. As per Health Blog, alcohol affects your ability to drive properly. 
You will face difficulties finding housing opportunities and work when you have a criminal background record. Some companies will never hire someone with criminal records. Not to mention, landlords will also avoid renting or selling their property if you have any criminal record.
You Can Lose Your Driver’s License 
If police officers catch you driving under the influence, they will detain you. As a result, you will lose access to your driver’s license for a certain time, whether it’s your first offense or not. You will also face major consequences regarding how you drive.
This is why you should never drive when the blood alcohol level of your body is more than 0.08%.
These are the reasons why you should never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t forget to contact us, and we will help you shorten the outcome of your DUI charges.

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