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How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Nursing Home Abuse – Legal Reader

The elderly are prone to falling, but nursing home employees should be aware which of the residents require assistance with their daily needs and be there for them.
Charlotte, NC – The sad truth is that if you’re not going to protect a loved one in a North Carolina nursing home against abuse, no one will. Especially not your local authorities. 
Here’s a cautionary tale that should open your eyes to the grim reality of assisted living facilities. 
Skip MacNally, an 86-year-old blind woman suffering from Alzheimers was routinely abused by two caretakers. They yelled at her and they were so violent when they changed her that she was crying in pain. The woman’s daughter uncovered the horrific abuse only after installing a hidden camera in the room. 
The two employees were fired and they’re probably working in another nursing home now because they were not punished in any way. The police wanted to press charges, but the DA declined, although elderly abuse is a crime in North Carolina.
How to spot nursing home abuse?
Seasoned lawyers say people should visit their relatives in a nursing home as often as possible. 
Here are the main warning signs of nursing home abuse:
Behavioral changes
If your loved one appears depressed, less talkative, or fearful, try to get them to open up about what’s bothering them. They may be experiencing physical, mental, or sexual abuse. While you’re there watch how they interact with the staff. Does your grandma seem afraid of certain employees? Does she shut up when they enter the room? Do you see fear in her eyes?
Share your concerns with experienced Charlotte nursing home abuse lawyers and ask them how you can document the abuse.
Sudden weight loss
Certain illnesses can make an older person lose weight pretty fast. Talk to the nurses to see if your loved one has other symptoms that may indicate a new condition or the aggravation of an existing one. 
If it’s not a medical problem, you should consider the possibility they don’t get enough food. Either the carers are deliberately withholding food from them or the facility is understaffed and sometimes a resident requiring feeding assistance won’t get fed.
Also, watch out for any signs of dehydration, such as dry mouth, fatigue, dark-colored urine, and lightheadedness. Severe dehydration can be lethal and requires immediate medical care.

An elderly person’s hand holding a cane. Image listed as public domain or other free use by your loved one is bedridden you may want to install a Granny cam. Contact knowledgeable North Carolina nursing home abuse lawyers before you do that. North Carolina does not have specific laws dealing with surveillance cameras in nursing homes, but you still have to worry about privacy and consent laws.
Frequent falls and fractures
The elderly are prone to falling, but nursing home employees should be aware which of the residents require assistance with their daily needs and be there for them.
You should get concerned if you notice bruises and lacerations when you visit them. Physical violence is to be considered, but the most likely explanation is neglect.
If that is the case, your nursing home abuse lawyers will assist you in filing an official complaint.
Unexplained health issues
The staff may not give the resident their prescribed medicines at the appropriate hours. Or they may have put your loved one on different medications. If you notice your relative is lethargic most of the time, that may indicate the use of sedatives. 
You should reach out to reliable medical malpractice lawyers to see if your loved one’s unexplained health issues were caused by an error or interference with their prescribed treatment.
Source: Concerned daughter captures elderly mother’s nursing home abuse on hidden camera in N.C.

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