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Why is Most Workplace Harassment Unreported in Augusta and Other Cities? – Legal Reader

There is a serious problem in many American workplaces that is connected with fears of retaliation.
Augusta, GA – There is an increased awareness of the problems caused by sexual harassment in workplaces in recent years. However, there are still serious issues with illegal harassment, and many workers never bother to report these kinds of problems due to a number of different reasons. If someone feels that they have become a victim of harassment in Augusta or another city, they should contact an attorney and formally report the incident as soon as possible.
Improper or insufficient training
Workers should receive specific training where they learn exactly what counts as sexual harassment and how they are likely to encounter it in their specific line of work. Employers should attempt to be as thorough as possible in terms of keeping both new hires and continuing employees aware of the possibility of harassment and how to prevent future incidents. Information about workplace harassment and ways to report it should be readily available to workers.
Fear of retaliation
There is a serious problem in many American workplaces that is connected with fears of retaliation. Many workers believe that if they make their superiors aware of sexual harassment or other illegal acts, they will be punished or terminated from their position. Any kind of retaliation against a worker for asserting their rights is illegal, but it does still happen at times. This can include withholding of pay, benefits, promotions, or even sudden negative performance reviews. Once someone becomes a victim of retaliation, they can bring a lawsuit and force the employer to pay for various kinds of losses.
Not understanding what harassment is
Sexual harassment can happen in many different ways that might not always be obvious. If a worker’s boss or supervisor acts for sexual acts in exchange for employment, benefits, or other perks, this is called quid pro quo harassment. Aside from this scenario, things like constant insults, inappropriate jokes, or other forms of mistreatment due to a person’s sex or gender can also count as illegal harassment. Workers should also be aware that any kind of unwanted physical touching or sexual advances, even by coworkers or customers, can be used as evidence of harassment.
Shame and emotional issues

Image by Asdrubal luna, via Unsplash.Some people who neglect to report sexual harassment may do so because they do not feel comfortable coming forward. Ideally, workplaces should make it clear that all allegations will be taken seriously and victims should not have any fear of discussing issues related to harassment with designated individuals within the company.
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