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What Can a Tax Lawyer Do When the Government Tries to Seize Property? – Legal Reader

There is a collection due process hearing that can be used to verify what the IRS wants and ensure that they are acting legally.
Columbus, OH – One of the more serious consequences associated with unpaid taxes is when the government tries to take a person’s property in exchange for what they owe. This can include real estate, bank accounts, and other items of value. Anyone who is facing a property seizure and associated legal trouble should speak with their lawyers immediately. 
When does the government try to forcefully take property?
Usually, the government will only try to seize assets or items if they cannot get the person to respond to attempts to pay their debt after formal notices are sent. In most cases when the person has been cooperative, they may be able to make arrangements to gradually pay their debt load without the government resorting to more extreme enforcement measures. However, the government can also bypass many of these steps and try to collect immediately if they believe some kind of emergency exists or they need to collect the money quickly. 
Settlement talks
Columbus tax lawyers can assist with the process to settle the debt with the IRS during a hearing. In some cases, Ohio tax lawyers who are skilled negotiators may be able to get the government to accept much less than they are owed. However, the person will still need to be willing to pay a certain amount of the debt load to avoid further consequences. There are also no guarantees regarding what settlement amount the government will accept and each individual hearing officer has discretion regarding what they want the person to pay back. 
Defending against the accusations

Lawyer preparing a file; image by advogadoaguilar, via Lawyers can also defend a person in other ways. There is a collection due process hearing that can be used to verify what the IRS wants and ensure that they are acting legally. Judgments that have already been made may also be appealed if there seems to be some kind of mistake or error of tax law that resulted in an improper seizure or collection attempts. This is especially true if there is overlap between a person’s taxes along with their spouse or businesses. 
What to do after a seizure?
In a worse case scenario where the property or assets are taken by the government, there are additional steps that may help. Estate planning lawyers can help a person manage their estate if there needs to be changes made after a seizure or other serious tax and financial issues. Professional assistance can also be valuable to make sure that a seizure does not happen again in the future. 
Additional information is available from a licensed attorney can help anyone find the right lawyer in their city or state. Those who need assistance with their search for a local attorney can call 800-672-3103 for a referral. 

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