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Top 7 Fun Facts about the Practice of Law

If you want to work in the legal industry as an attorney, paralegal, intake specialist, or contract administrator, you need to have a basic understanding of what it’s like to deal with lawyers. The profession of law is often serious, and depending on what type of legal practice you choose, it may even include questions of life and death. Aside from being serious stuff, the job is also fascinating, important, and influential. The following is a list of some fascinating facts about lawyers and the legal profession in general.
1. A Big Firm is Not Waiting For You!
It is a common misunderstanding that attorneys work for large, powerful law companies. In actuality, the majority of lawyers work for mid-size and boutique firms, or in other fields of law. As per the National Organization of Law Placement, over 83 percent of all lawyers in private practice work for companies of 50 or fewer attorneys.
2. Some Professional Lawyers Don’t Practice Law
Practicing law can be difficult, and the truth differs significantly from how it is presented on television. This could be one of the reasons why so many lawyers quit the field to pursue other opportunities. Many attorneys, for instance, can find rewarding professions in finance, banking sectors, consulting, company development, and training.
3. It’s Based on Jurisdiction
According to survey results from the Center for Legislative Action, Hampshire, and Idaho is the five states that are the “most rational and fair” for litigators. Missouri, Texas, Florida, Iowa, and Louisiana are among the states deemed to be the least rational and fair. Surprisingly, the poll data revealed that the region with the fewest practicing attorneys per capita – South Dakota, with 22.2 lawyers per 10,000 residents – was regarded to be the “most fair” and “most acceptable” for trial lawyers. Only Arizona and South Carolina have fewer lawyers per capita than South Dakota, which is home to Rushmore.
4. Lawyers Are Always Liked!
Most people have the impression that attorneys are typically hated. According to Gallup statistics, a lawyer is seen as one of the least trustworthy professionals in America, according to Forbes Magazine (only lobbyists and business executives had a lower trustworthiness rating). However, a closer examination of the data shows that several people do not detest or distrust lawyers; rather, they admire them. According to one study, those who despise attorneys cite the following points:
They believe they are wiser than everyone else.
Lawers are frightening and aggressive. 
They speak in a complex language.
They believe they are smarter than everyone else.
5. A Big Salary is not the Case!
According to the Labor Statistics, the average annual compensation for an attorney practicing in the United States is roughly $115,000 annually. The hourly wage was approximately $55/hour. The hourly wage, however, varies greatly according to the region, years of expertise, and type of legislation.
Lawyers in New York, and Washington, D.C. make the highest salaries. An attorney’s average annual income in these jurisdictions is roughly $170,000. Attorney salaries are lowest in Montana, where the average annual compensation for an attorney is roughly $83,000.
6. Some Celebrities
Surprisingly, a large number of actors and well-known people attended law colleges. Actor Gerard Butler, Television personality Jerry Springer, Monty Python’s John, Geraldo Rivera, and mathematician Ben Stein, for instance, all studied law. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern and former NFL star Steve Young are two more noteworthy law school grads.
7. A Lot of Lawyers are Out There!
In the United States, about 1.3 million lawyers are practicing in various courts. When you realize that the United States has a population of about 327 million people, that implies there is roughly one attorney for every 240 individuals.

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