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Surprising Situations Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With

Many personal injury lawyers advertise their services to those who have suffered car accidents on billboards, in newspapers, and on social media. While they certainly work hard to help victims receive adequate compensation after a collision with another driver, they can also help in many other scenarios. You might be surprised to learn that you can call upon a personal injury lawyer in some of these situations. 
A Dog Bite
Contact an Opelika personal injury lawyer and you’ll likely be surprised by their long list of service offerings, such as representation if a dog has bitten you. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that approximately 4.5 million people receive dog bites each year in the United States. 
Approximately one in five people need medical attention after a dog bite, and children tend to be the most frequent victims. While dogs can bite for several reasons, the most common is a reaction to something. They might have felt threatened, startled, or believed someone would take something of value. Regardless of the reason, dog bites can be painful and even life-threatening, and personal injury lawyers can fight for your right to adequate compensation if you’ve been bitten. 
Burn Injuries
Burn injuries from fires, motor vehicle accidents, explosions, construction accidents, and other tragic scenarios can be life-changing. Second and third-degree burns can also cause permanent bodily changes that impact your ability to live life to the fullest. 
No matter the cause of your burn, if someone’s negligence or ill intentions led to it, your chosen personal injury law firm can represent you in court to potentially receive compensation for your experience. 
Sexual Abuse
It’s not always easy to know who to turn to when you’ve been a victim of sexual abuse. While the authorities and your family can be among the first people you call upon for help and support, a personal injury lawyer can also be worth considering if you want to bring a claim against the perpetrator. 
In many situations, people bring lawsuits against the people who harmed them to help cover the costs of medical care, therapy, lost wages, and lost enjoyment of life. According to the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA), rape costs victims more than any other crime, at approximately $127 billion annually. 
Illnesses from Roundup®
Individuals and corporations have used the popular weedkiller product Roundup® for many years, and not everyone will have a bad experience with it. However, some do. Many people who used Roundup® for an extended period have filed lawsuits against the creators, Monsanto Company, after claiming it’s linked to the development of their cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 
Allegedly the development of cancer linked to Roundup® comes from breathing the product while spraying and mixing, having it make contact with your skin, and ingesting it while eating food or drinking water contaminated with it. 
While you can turn to a personal injury lawyer for help with a car accident claim, that’s not all they can help you with. The best personal injury attorneys are skilled in a wide range of areas to fight for your right to the compensation you deserve.

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