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Portuguese NIF: A Small Guide on Receiving a Taxpayer ID

Having certain doubts about the procedure of getting NIF may become the reason for postponing this process. As a result, a person is likely to miss a lot of opportunities no matter what his goals and intentions are. Well, take a look at this article in case you are striving to obtain info linked to this topic.
What Is NIF And Why Is It So Essential?
NIF is a Portuguese tax number that gives everyone a chance to be a part of the country’s tax system. But it is not only connected with the rights and obligations in this sphere. It is far more than that.
NIF has to be suggested when a person wants to get involved in any of the following situations:
Purchase of property;
Open a bank account;
Apply for e-residency;
Sign a mobile phone contract, etc.
How Hard Is It to Get NIF?
It is important to consider whether you are in Portugal now or not. When you are not, the remote option is the only one you can stick to. And, it will be super easy to do this.
In case you are in Portugal already, you may try to interact with the Portuguese authorities by means of visiting a local tax office. Such an undertaking may be connected to several difficulties. It can be problematic to communicate if you do not know Portuguese well. Apart from this, you will have to arrange the visit which requires some extra time. 
So, it is up to you to decide which way suits you best. Nevertheless, online is considered the best idea to stick to in each case. It is linked to minimum effort, fast results, and affordable price. Well, all of this is going to work only in case you meet a reliable intermediary who will be helping you with all the stuff.
Getting NIF: What Documents Are Required?
Regardless of what way of receiving NIF you select in the end, the documents you will have to present are not going to differ. In most cases, your passport and proof of residence will be just enough.
Sure, when you deal with the online method, the docs are usually enclosed in the form of scans. It means that you need to get ready for this in advance. Preparing nice scans will help you to avoid delays in issuing your NIF.
NIF Online: What Does the Procedure Look?
If you feel like you will select the online option of receiving a Portuguese NIF, you certainly need to know what things will look like. Follow this section to discover it.
You will need to get the documents ready and enclose them in the special spot that is given on the site of the service provider. This will take no longer than a few minutes.
Apart from this, it is essential to pay a fee for the assistance you will receive. The opinions regarding the price can differ because affordability does not mean the same for everyone. However, you shall expect to be charged around 100 EUR.
Also, you may need to pass biometric verification but such stuff is not obligatory everywhere.
By the way, some intermediaries require their clients to fill in the application too. but don’t worry: there is not too much data to deal with in most cases.
All in all, you will not spend more than half an hour if you get everything ready in advance. This is what the procedure of receiving NIF online looks like.
What If You Have Some Doubts Or Are Not Satisfied with the Price You Are Offered?
As for the doubts, the best way to deal with such a matter is to ask about what you want to know. It is okay when you have a lot of questions. And, a trustworthy intermediary should respond to them all! When things are quite different, you need to think about searching for someone else. 
Speaking of price, you just need to find a service provider who will charge you as much as you are ready to pay. In case you do not think that the price is fine, simply continue the search, and you will certainly manage to come across those who suggest an adequate rate. It is you who picks the intermediary anyway.
By the way, you also need to think about having a tax representative in case you are a non-resident. This is not extra stuff to do, it is a rule to follow if you do not want to face huge fines (they are not that relevant in each situation but such a problem is likely to take place anyway).
Well, hope your future experience with receiving NIF will be as simple as you imagine!

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