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A property owner whether residential or commercial has a duty to maintain the premises in a way that minimizes the risk of injury to visitors.  This requires that the owner either repair or remedy any known dangers or provide adequate warning of dangerous conditions. We handle all matter related to claims based on the negligent maintenance of residential or commercial property.

If you or a loved one has been injured at a theme park with roller coasters or a water park, you need a good lawyer with the expertise in these areas to get you a just compensation. Frank Giunta of Giunta Law has the experience of winning cases in these areas and will get you what you deserve!

It is the property owner’s responsibility to eliminate negligence concerning:


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Injuries or wrongful death due to unsafe rides at a theme park or water park

Injuries or wrongful death due to roller coasters

Injuries resulting from broken steps, stairs, sidewalks, pavement or driveways,

Injuries from damaged or  defective carpet or flooring

Falls on slippery floors, sidewalks, steps or other walkways

Losses resulting from falling merchandise or forklift accidents

Injuries caused by bare or hanging electric wires

Frank Giunta is one of the best premise liability / slip and fall lawyers you will ever find. Give us a call today!

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