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Finding Good Truck Accident Lawyers in Raleigh, North Carolina – Legal Reader

Prepare yourself for a tough battle because large trucking companies can afford very good lawyers. If you go alone, you don’t stand a chance.
You must have seen on the news the terrible truck accident on I-26 near Asheville that killed five people on October 17, 2021. According to the initial police reports, a dump truck struck an overpass, blocking traffic. At this point, a semi slammed into the line of stopped vehicles and there was no indication he even tried to slow down before the fatal impact. 
There are thousands of truck accidents on North Carolina roads each year, and these types of crashes are by far the most dangerous. A family car risks being totaled if a truck slams into it at full speed, like in the Asheville accident. 
If you or a loved one were involved in such an accident in the area around North Carolina’s capital, you should get in touch with experienced Raleigh truck accident lawyers as soon as possible. If you were seriously injured you’ll need a lot of money and only a lawyer can help you get a fair settlement. 
Solid legal advice is essential because truck accidents are much more complex than regular car crashes. You need someone with many years of practice in this field because they know what to look for.
At first sight, in the Asheville accident it was the semi driver’s fault. Maybe he was distracted and did not notice the line of blocked vehicles until it was too late. But you don’t know that for sure.
One of the leading causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. Federal regulations have strict limits on the number of hours a driver can be on the road. Many times these regulations go ignored because the driver is under a lot of pressure to deliver the goods in his truck at the appointed time. They may go without sleep to meet a deadline, they won’t have time to take regular breaks, and at some point they will become so tired they might fall asleep behind the wheel.
The first thing skilled North Carolina lawyers do in such cases is check the driver’s schedule for the past few days to evaluate the state they were in.

Image by Dynamic Transit Co., via the same time, a good lawyer will request a technical assessment of the truck itself. What if the driver saw the car in front of him but the brakes failed? In this case, the fault lies with the trucking company, as they are responsible for all mechanical problems. It is their job to conduct regular evaluations and fix or replace any broken parts.
If your lawyer comes to the conclusion that the company was indeed responsible for the accident you can file a claim with their insurance. Prepare yourself for a tough battle because large trucking companies can afford very good lawyers. If you go alone, you don’t stand a chance.
On the other hand, well-versed truck accident lawyers know how to play the negotiation game. They will calculate the damages you deserve and send a letter of demand to the guilty party’s insurance. Most prefer to settle out of court to avoid legal expenses and bad publicity. 

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