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After a car accident in the state of Tennessee, you may find yourself with a growing number of questions that range from what comes next in the process of filing your claim to just who pays attorney fees in car accidents in Tennessee? This can be a stressful question when you add in things such as your recovery from a car accident, trying to navigate the complexities of the aftermath, and finding an experienced Nashville car accident attorney to work with.
Working with a car accident lawyer who will assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries after you have been in an accident can be an important step. Wondering about the cost is only natural.
So, we are going to take a short look at the answer to who pays attorney fees in car accidents in Tennessee and what that means for you.
Who Pays Attorney Fees in Car Accidents in Tennessee?
As we answer the question of who pays attorney fees in car accidents in Tennessee, it can be helpful to understand the different ways that attorneys may choose to charge clients.
How Do Car Accident Attorneys Charge?
Some attorneys may choose to charge on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis. An hourly basis will be based on the number of hours that an attorney works with you while a fixed fee basis will be an agreed-upon amount that is initially set up via a contract at the beginning of your time working together.
But many cars, truck accident attorneys in Nashville, including myself here at Heit Law, LLC, choose to work with clients on a contingency fee basis.
A contingency fee essentially means that the car accident attorney that you are working with only gets paid if you, as the client, are able to collect a settlement at the end of the case or if you are awarded any damages. A contingency fee generally establishes the fact that the attorney you work with will take a particular percentage of whatever settlement or damages you collect.
So who pays attorney fees in car accidents in Tennessee here is contingent on if you, the client, receive a victory at the end of the day if you are working with an attorney who charges based on a contingency fee. Should you not receive any compensation at the end of your case, the attorney that you worked with will not charge you any legal fees.
Why Work With A Car Accident Attorney in Tennessee
As we have answered who pays attorney fees in car accidents in Tennessee, now you can take a moment to consider working with a car accident attorney who charges on a contingency fee basis.
In the aftermath of a car accident, you deserve to be compensated for the full extent of the injuries and damages that you sustain. Working with an experienced car accident attorney is the first step you can take towards pursuing the settlement or possible damages.
With a car accident attorney such as myself, you will be able to get through the often complex car accident legal ropes with assistance. I will fully investigate each case that I work on to understand your injuries and the impact they will have on you.
Consider Speaking With an Experienced Car Accident Attorney
Here at Heit Law, LLC, I am here to work with you in the aftermath of your car accident. As an experienced car accident attorney, I work with clients on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay any car accident attorney fees unless we win. You can reach me at 615-962-3000 today or get in touch with me through email to schedule a free initial consultation.
Have further questions about who pays fees in car accidents in Tennessee? Reach out today!

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