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What is Misdemeanor?

Not all crimes are created equal. Some are considered to be more severe than others by the court. If you’re facing legal troubles involving the law, it’s important to understand what your crime is classified as and how your current state may affect your future. There are three categories of crime that nearly everyone has heard of at this point: Infraction; Felony; and Misdemeanor
Infractions are the least serious type of crime. For the most part, they don’t carry jail time and individuals need only to pay a fine instead. A common type of infraction that a lot of people have some experience with is the kind you get when you get caught breaking a rule related to speeding beyond posted limits or running a red light, for example.
Felonies are the most severe kinds of criminal action that can be perpetrated. Some examples of felonies include instances like murder, arson, rape and kidnapping. The legal penalties for felonies vary according to each situation, but in some cases life in prison may result or the death penalty may even be a distinct possibility depending on country laws. 
A misdemeanor is a classification under criminal law for a legally punishable offense. A misdemeanor typically involves light penalties, or does not include imprisonment, such as community service, probation, fines and sometimes confinement within a county jail over periods of less than 12 months. In most states, misdemeanors are classified by grade levels this is in order to segregate different offenses under the same basic category. For example if your wrongful action involved drugs most likely it would be classified as misdemeanor because most states do not put drug users in prison but rather make them suffer heavier fines or even some form of rehabilitation which prevents them from breaking the law again. But if your idea involves stolen property then you will probably end up being in big trouble and facing time behind bars!
If a misdemeanor crime is committed in Oman then the defendant is usually required to pay a fine or serve up to one year in prison. The sentence is increased if the person has previously been convicted of another crime or has committed a misdemeanor crime before.
The most common misdemeanors are those punishable by imprisonment for a period of no less than 10 days and up to three years, as well as a fine of no less than OMR 100 and up to OMR 1,000 or both. Common Misdemeanors can include anything from violent acts and assaults to minor theft, drug use, fraud and public order offences such as being drunk in public. 
Some more examples of misdemeanors are:
– Assault
– Threatening someone with violence
– Insulting someone in public
Getting confused between different kinds of criminal acts is completely understandable, if you are accused with a misdemeanor, consult a lawyer.  

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