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Top Tips to Strengthen a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim

Fatal motorcycle accidents remain one of the top concerns of law enforcement, insurance companies, and safety organizations. According to statistics, motorcycle accidents occur 28 times more frequently than passenger car accidents. That’s why motorcycle drivers need some extra help.

If you become involved in an accident, it’s vital to hire an experienced, professional motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your interests. Of course, it is best to avoid such accidents, but if one occurs, having a reputable law firm by your side will make things a lot easier, especially if you need to recover compensation.
Tips for Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents
Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers have little protection against injury. Experts consider riders as being one of the most vulnerable groups to accident risks. You ride open to the elements, and accidents usually result in being thrown from the bike. Concussions and broken bones are common. The following tips can strengthen your case for injury compensation:

Call the PoliceNo matter how minor your accident, it’s critical to report it to the police for proper documentation. The police report will contain critical information about the accident. This information includes the other driver’s contact details, insurance company, vehicle information, and identity confirmation. The report will also verify whether the other driver was issued a citation.
Don’t Repair Your Wrecked BikeAlthough it sounds counterintuitive, not repairing your bike after an accident can strengthen your claim. Your damaged motorcycle serves as concrete evidence of the serious nature of your wreck and injuries. Defendants might call in accident reconstruction experts, and the condition of your motorcycle tells the story forensically.
Get Medical TreatmentMotorcycle accident injures often become severely debilitating, and the best corroborating evidence comes from medical experts. Therefore, you should start and continue your treatments until you reach the point of maximum medical improvement. Also known as MMI, the concept is that further medical treatment proves unnecessary. Getting to that point helps your attorney set a fair settlement amount based on all your medical expenses.
Take Pictures of the Vehicles and Accident SceneIf capable of taking pictures, you should certainly do so. Take pictures of your bike damage, other vehicles involved, property damage, the accident scene, the other driver, and any accident witnesses. You should have your medical provider take pictures of your injuries to document them. Road signs, weather conditions, and road obstacles might prove crucial to your case.
Interview Witnesses and Get Contact DetailsIf you’re seriously injured, there’s not much you can do because your priority remains to get treatment. However, you might be mobile enough to get witness contact details and basic descriptions of the accident.
Keep NotesIt’s important to make notes to help you remember details about the accident and contact details. You should also keep track of any out-of-pocket expenses you incur as a result of the accident. These might include cab fare, stabilizing your motorcycle, moving it safely to storage, renting a secure storage space, and other expenses.
Avoid Discussing the Case with Anyone Other than Your AttorneyIdle speculation and apportioning blame for the accident should only be discussed with your attorney. Don’t even admit partial blame for the accident. Don’t discuss your case on social media. Your thoughts and guesses can come back to damage your case if you admit some level of fault. Even if you state categorically that the accident was the other driver’s fault, that gives your opposition advance knowledge of your lawsuit strategy
Shoring Up Motorcycle Safety
According to the NHTSA, 5,019 motorcycle drivers died as a result of accident injuries. Motorcycle drivers have a duty to prove themselves safe drivers, and you should always wear a helmet.
Helmets are the single most important safety feature for motorcycle drivers and passengers. You should also pay careful attention to the road, traffic and obey traffic regulations. Avoid drinking and riding and choose to stay at home (or take a car) instead of riding in bad weather. Ensure your motorcycle is in good condition every time you take it on the road and seek legal advice from competent lawyers if you get in trouble.

Author: With a law degree under his belt, Mark Scott understood very early that law communication was a relatively neglected area. He decided to help people by “translating” the language and offering information and advice in a clear, useful, and actionable manner. For this reason, instead of finding him in court, you will most likely find his name online, where he is very active and thriving as a legal columnist. His part of making the world a better place is to make the law a less convoluted maze. He aims to make it easier for people to understand when and how to seek legal counsel, how to proceed in a significant number of legal matters, and to find the proper resources so they can stand up for their rights.

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