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Top 6 Law Schools in 2021 – QS Rankings Worldwide

Do you wish to pursue a law degree in another country? Do you wish to attend one of the planet’s top law schools? Even if you can finance it or get a scholarship, you will still need to think about your possibilities. And it’s for this reason that global university rankings exist!
Here in this article, we have concluded a list of the world’s top 6 law universities from QS Rankings. Don’t neglect that there are many good foreign study possibilities even if you don’t necessarily want to attend top-tier colleges. So, you can choose also choose law schools and colleges that are not included in this list. So, let’s do it!
1. Harvard University (United States)

Harvard University is dedicated to excellence in education, teaching, and research, as well as the development of worldwide leaders in a variety of fields. Over 20,000 diploma applicants, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional students, are enrolled at the university, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts. There are more than 300,000 Harvard graduates worldwide.
2. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Cambridge is well-known for being an exciting place to study. On the educational agenda, the university has about 100 libraries with a total collection of over 15 million books. There are also ten world-renowned artistic, academic, and cultural museums, including Kettle’s Yard and the Cambridge Museum, as well as a botanical garden, all of which are open to the public all year.
You can get involved in everything from the university’s legendary student theatrical societies, which birthed the likes of Monty Python, to entertainment, politics, and dozens of other clubs and organizations through extracurricular activities. Cambridge also has a thriving sports scene, with state-of-the-art facilities and over 80 sports to choose from, with teams for amateurs and professionals alike.
3. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)
Oxford is a unique and historic institution because it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. There is no precise date of establishment, however, education began in some form at Oxford in 1096 and grew rapidly when Henry II barred English learners from going to The University of Paris.
Oxford’s university structure is unique. Students and professors benefit from belonging to both the University, which is a huge, worldwide famous institution and a college or hall, which is a smaller, interdisciplinary research community.
4. Yale University (United States)
The institution dates back to the 1640s when colonial priests spearheaded an effort to create a local college to keep the European liberal education tradition alive in the New World.
Yale has been committed to developing and sharing knowledge, encouraging innovation, and safeguarding cultural and scientific material for future generations since its foundation in 1701.
5. Standford University (United States)
Stanford University has one of the largest American university campuses, with eight schools and 18 interdisciplinary research institutes.
Stanford University was established in 1885 by California congressman Leland Stanford and his spouse, Jane, with the goal of “promot[ing] the public good by exercising an influence in favor of humanity and civilization.” Because the couple’s only kid had died of cholera, they decided to create a university on their farm as a tribute. The institution was founded on the principles of non-sectarianism, co-education, and affordability, and it taught both conventional liberal arts and the technology and engineering that shaped the new America at the moment.
6. Columbia University (United States)
By royal license of King George II of Britain, Columbia University was established in 1754 as King’s College. It is the fourth institution of higher education in the United States and the oldest in the state of New York.
Columbia University is among the world’s most prestigious research institutions, as well as a unique and distinctive educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of academic and professional specialties.

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