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Surprising Facts about Work Zone Accident Fatalities

By Frank Giunta – Giunta Law

It sometimes seems like every street in the Metroplex is under construction at once.  You can’t drive anywhere without seeing road construction workers with their bright safety vests and hand-held stop signs.  Traffic is jammed as entire lanes lay torn up and shut down for blocks.  As the Texas weather begins heating up, drivers start losing their patience…

Before you go speeding through construction zones, it’s important you understand the facts.  


Work zone fatalities are on the increase.


According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) website, work zone fatalities in Texas last year increased 27 percent, resulting in 181 deaths.  


The majority of work zone fatalities are motorists and pedestrians.  


It’s easy to understand that work zone crashes result in the deaths of roadside workers.  However, statistics show the vast majority of work zone fatalities are motorists.  TxDot reports that in 2016, 96 percent of work zone fatalities were motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.  The leading causes of fatal work zone crashes are speeding and failure to stay in a single lane.


Growing population means more work zones.  


According to TxDot, there were more than 2,500 active work zones at any given time in 2016, and 25,713 work zone crashes.


Work zone safety is the law.


Traffic fines are double in work zones when workers are present.  When approaching TxDOT workers and vehicles that are stopped with overhead flashing lights, Texas law requires drivers to move over to the next lane or slow down.

Watch out for work zones.  Adjust your speed and lanes accordingly.  Most importantly, have patience.  The life you save may be your own.  

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