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Reasons Your City Might Be Responsible for Your Car Accident & How to File a Claim – Legal Reader

If someone finds themselves in an accident because they went the wrong way on a one-way street when the sign told them otherwise, the driver certainly can’t take full blame for the wreck.
Many factors can be the cause of a car accident. Many car accidents are considered to be caused by driver behavior, such as driving while intoxicated, running a red light, or distracted driving. But that isn’t always the case. The city may be partly, or even entirely, responsible for your or a loved one’s injuries, and taking action to recover compensation for the damage done can allow you to heal without financial responsibility. Nashville personal injury lawyer, Larry R. Williams, notes that cases with a liable third party, like the city, are especially complicated. Reaching out for legal support in these situations can allow you to pursue your recovery efficiently and correctly.
If you’ve been involved in a collision where you were in an unsafe environment, here are some reasons it might be the city’s fault.
Malfunctioning Traffic Light 
When a driver gets behind the wheel, they are under the assumption that the city’s safety precautions, such as traffic lights, will be predictable and effective. Most drivers put blind trust into the traffic light system because if they didn’t, ironically, it would likely lead to more accidents. Therefore, when a traffic light malfunctions or is broken, the effects can be devastating. While it is always the driver’s job to practice defensive driving, in situations with a broken traffic light, the driver cannot always be at blame, especially if they were following the rules of the road, which failed them.
Confusing Signage 
Much like traffic lights, making sure that all road signage is correct, straightforward, and clear is the responsibility of the city. This means that signs are properly lit, not covered by shrubbery, point in the right direction, and don’t put drivers in a dangerous situation. If someone finds themselves in an accident because they went the wrong way on a one-way street when the sign told them otherwise, the driver certainly can’t take full blame for the wreck. Warning signage for instances such as construction work or closed roads also falls to the city. This is why the accident lawyers at Bentley & More LLP in San Bernardino always advise taking photos of your surroundings following an accident. If there isn’t a sign where there should be, you may have a solid case. 
Unsafe Road Conditions

Foggy road; image by Tobias Huske, via city’s failure to improve streets that frequently put drivers in danger often makes it responsible for the damage done. In the past, cities have become liable for all the accidents that happen on roads in this condition. In 2016, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that all municipalities in the state can and will be held liable for collisions and resulting injuries on neglected roads with histories of fatal accidents. Even if your state’s law hasn’t ruled the state’s liability in court, it always can. Be sure to pursue legal action as soon as possible after an accident. 
Reckless Driving By A Government Employee
The local government is responsible for maintaining the roads, fixing broken street lights, and implementing correct signage; they’re also responsible for the actions of the drivers under their employment. This refers to mail trucks, garbage trucks, police, other maintenance vehicles, and anything else that may have government-issued license plates. Although in the past, an accident with a government vehicle was always the fault of the citizen, thankfully, laws have changed, and citizens have a right to a fair trial to prove the fault of the government employee, which falls on their employer. 

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