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Most Frequent Criminal Cases In Oman

Oman is a country, known for such a low crime rate. The crime is too low there, as it counts to only rare cases which are of criminal nature from the total crimes which are reported annually. The country is regarded and viewed as a religious and traditional state due to which the crime of any kind is strictly punishable. The royal Omani Police is also known to be highly efficient and not prone to any kind of monetary inducement or bribery, which makes the country the safest place in the world. 
The crime rate as in 2018, as per the latest data is 0.27 percent. The crime rate the country was 0.51 in 2017, which was a substantial increase of 27.99% from the preceding year. The foreign commonwealth office (FCO) describes the condition of law in Oman is “generally good”. However, street crime is there but on a very low scale. Violent crime is also registered annually but the same is also extremely low. 
However, crime is an omnipresent phenomenon. Oman is not far an exception to it. The rate may be low but the happening still occurs. 
Following is the detailed explanation of most frequent crime cases that are spotted by him in Oman.
Bounce cheque is another term to define “Dishonored cheque.” It is a situation where the cheque cannot be processed because the account holder has non-sufficient funds available for use in his account. The most frequent crimes in 2021 were related to the checks that were issued without the balance to pay the transaction cost. It amounted to 7143 cases alone. 
The second most frequent crime which is noted in Oman is information technology and electronic transactions. Crimes related to such issue are counted in the top 10 cases during the past year in Oman around 111 cases were registered which to the use of social media out of which 55 cases were referred to the courts. 
The third most frequent offence which was counted was drug trafficking and child molestation. Drug trafficking means production and distribution and sale of illegal drugs which are mostly banned by the government and child molestation includes sexual abuse by an adult or an older adolescent with a child for a sexual stimulation. Very recently the Royal Oman police busted the massive drug smuggling operation which was reported on December 13, 2021. The police seized 74 kgs of drugs and arrested the four suspects. 
Theft means Stealing and the felonious taking in removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner. Crime of theft is also noted to be seen with 2327 cases of theft was recorded. as per the latest data statistics of 2018. 
Labour law violations were also noted to be committed in Oman in the as per the year 2018 the score of such violations rang up to 2217 per annual.
Crime of insult of dignity was also noted to be seen in the country with 1519 over all cases which were reported in the year 2018.
322 cases were related to assaulting the sanctity of private life, 70 were related to threatening of people and 29 of the cases were related to extortion.

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