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How to Create an Effective Training Program for Lawyers?

Right training is the stepping stone to success in any profession. The field of law is no exception. 
Many firms offer training programs for new recruits aimed at making them more skilled, but they often face problems in designing these programs. There are a lot of factors one has to keep in mind to create such an initiative and it often gets extremely confusing.
Here are some tips you can follow to resolve these confusions and design an effective training program for lawyers.
Assessing the Trainees’ Capabilities
All new associates will not have the same level of competence. It is important to assess their capabilities first and then design the course to cater to their specific needs.
Identify the areas where they need help and guide them accordingly.
Law associates may have prior knowledge of the field from their time in law school. So, training them on the basics all over again would be a waste of time. Additionally, it would not get them actively involved in the initiative and fail to capture their interest.
So, map out and categorize the associates according to their capacities and then proceed to create the program. Include a BSB training package in the program to train your associates in business service skills too.
Associates already have a draining schedule. Attending training classes physically could end up overtiring them and thus be detrimental to both their physical and mental health. 
Hence, it would be best to make the program online learning based. 
Conduct e-classes and distribute online training material. However, use your discretion in choosing these materials. Invest in quality resources. 
Make use of technological advancements. Employ them for greater effectiveness. You will save time as well as money, and on the other hand, make life easier for the trainees too. 
Win-win isn’t it?
Encourage Collaborative Learning
Encourage interactive learning during the training. Ask questions and engage with the associates. 
Motivate them to be active in class. Treat the training program as a collaborative enterprise rather than a lecture series.
Break out from the rigid course structures. Make the classes free-flowing.
Keep in mind that the trainees already have the knowledge; what they need is practical guidance. One way you can do this is by presenting them with real-life situations and asking them to come up with the most viable course of action.
This will serve to get them involved in the course and get the best results which will make your training program most effective.
Take Feedback
Feedback is the most important tool that can help you improve your training course and become more effective. 
Be welcoming towards constructive criticism. Ask your trainees for suggestions.
Be aware of the comforts and discomforts of the trainees. Take their opinion into account.
Your program will be effective only when the trainee associates benefit from it. So, their voice needs to be heard and given importance.
Stress on Compact Learning
Trainee associates tend to be overworked and extremely exhausted. Thus, long, meandering classes would be futile as they would lose interest and retain next to nothing.
Make the sessions precise and compact. Short but interesting classes will increase their focus and ensure their attentiveness.
Design the classes in a way that covers a range of topics in a short span of time but also in an engaging manner. Use presentations and other graphic modes of teaching to make the sessions interesting.
Designing a training course for lawyers is a challenging task. While it is normal to get intimidated by the challenges, don’t let them back you into a corner.
With the right amount of research and keeping these tips in mind, you will surely succeed in creating the most effective program for your law firm associates.

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