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How to Close the Deal with Potential Clients?

It is not easy for lawyers or law firms to find the right lead, even if they do, converting the lead into a client is another task. Life in legal industry is not easy, we understand that. Numerous cases, files, briefs, you already have a lot on your plate. We are here to make it easy for you.
The best lead generation is not always about finding the highest number of leads; it is also about converting them into clients. This guide will help you get the ball rolling, by helping you understand your target market, creating a good sales funnel, and crafting the right message.
How to Convert the lead?When searching for information on Google or Bing, each prospect looks for something that bring value or knowledge. As small as reading a news article or knowing that your firm deals in a particular niche is a good value addition for the prospect. Therefore, we should always make sure to have a lead magnet on the website. It could be tips to be safe legally or a video on current legal topics or a guide to something of use.
Lead magnet can make or break the deal. It should be:
Eye catchy- target should be able to notice it when he or she reaches your landing page.
Relevant- its useless if the magnet isn’t relevant to current times and the industry.
Value Centric- the information or the magnet should be useful for the audience.
Easy to Comprehend- using legal jargons will not work here. The information should be for anyone and everyone. Lead who doesn’t come from a legal background should also be able to understand it.
You can have free consultations as magnets, short videos, checklists to opt for the right lawyer, tips, etc.
Now the question arises, we have given them something of value, what do we want from them? Their contact information, subscribing to your channel or journal? This is called call-to-action, in simple words, what action do we want them to take when they reach our landing page. After this all you gotta do is follow up! Send them emails, give them a call, hold a masterclass and promote it to them.
Now comes the time to convert your lead into a client. Start with
Following Up- Respond fast, don’t let them forget you. Try reaching out to them within an hour of capturing the lead.
Systematic Process- follow a systematic process like automated emails, personalised emails, etc.
Seal the Deal- after you get their response, focus on solving their problem rather than advertising why they should pick you. Make sure to always giving them value first and then promoting yourself.

Bonus Tips
Here are a few tips that you can use to maximize your client generations.
Use automated systems to respond immediately to prospects.
Minimize prospects work in communicating with you
Ask for information which is absolutely necessary- no more than that.
Focus on the solution to lead’s problem.
If you follow up timely and add value, you will seal the deal. Feel free to reach us out if you want any kind of assistance.

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