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How Long Does it Take to Bring a Spouse to the USA?

Do you have a green card?
Do you also want it for your spouse?
The U.S.A. has set rules and regulations on applying for green cards for spouses. But it goes through an elongated process.
We don’t mean to discourage you from the same. But, you have to start things as early as possible.
Do you want to know how much time it requires to finish the entire thing? Then, let’s try to answer the article. So please lend your time to this discussion.
How Long Does It Take To Bring A Spouse To The U.S.A.?
The average time that it takes to bring your spouse to the U.S.A. can range from five to twelve months after submitting your papers. But the authority in the U.S.A. has its laws of preference. So they follow it based on the following preference.
The first preference (F1) is the unmarried sons and the daughters of U.S. citizens 21 years or older.
The second preference (F2A) is an individual’s spouse and children. Even unmarried people under the age of 21 get an opportunity to get entry into the U.S.A.
The second preference (F2B) is the sons and daughters 21 years old and older. But, again, their parents must be lawful permanent citizens of the U.S.A.
The third preference (F3) constitutes the married sons and the daughters of the U.S.A. citizen who are staying outside.
The last preference (F4) is for the brothers and sisters of U.S.A. citizens. The citizen has to be 21 years of age and older.
So you need to look at this list. You could clearly see that your spouse comes under the F2A section.
Therefore it is quite a necessity to say that you get a good understanding of the order. But if you need some in-depth understanding of it, you must consult some bona fide immigration Lawyer Atlanta.
The Permits You Need
The entire process of getting an entry into U.S.A. soil takes place through a great deal of documentation, verification, filing, and other elements.
You and your spouse will have to go through all these to get three major components of the permission:
Work permit.
Green card.
Working visa.
If you go through this paperwork, you can definitely get your spouse in the U.S.A.
As far as our experience goes, this is a highly challenging thing, and you need the guidance of some competent lawyer like a skilled Immigration Lawyer Atlanta. They are experienced enough to provide you with all the requirements.
Application Process
Firstly you need to get your spouse in the U.S.A. is filing Form 1-130. Then, you need to fill it up with the Department of Home Security, U.S.A.
There you will have to go through some paperwork. Through this filing, you need to establish the fact that you are a permanent resident of the U.S.A. and want your spouse to join you.
Therefore, we request you to manage your filing with the help of a competent lawyer like the immigration Lawyer Atlanta. They are experienced enough to handle things for you.
Fees, Affidavit Of Support, And Visa Application 
The USCIS approves your petition and will immediately send it to the National Visa Centre.
Once the NVC receives the papers, they will provide you with a case number, where your case will be thoroughly studied. After that, they instruct you to provide the fees.
When you pay the fees, they will ask you to submit other documentation like some other forms and civil documents. This is because they are really important for processing the visa.
Other Documentations
There is some other important documentation that you will have to go through.
They include passports, affidavits, civil documents, medical examination certificates, and others.
Here it requires mention that you need to provide the COVID-19 certificate to the authorities. Your appointed immigration Lawyer Atlanta, will help you with the documentation.
In The End
The final stage interviews. After you submit all the documents, you will be called for an interview with the Embassy or the consulate of your respective country.
A lot of paperwork, electronic fingerprints, scanning, and other formalities will be carried out. Then, finally, you get to come in the queue to get your spouse’s visa.

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