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How Can a Divorce in Virginia Beach Affect a Child? – Legal Reader

A child might lose interest in social activities when their parent’s divorce.
When a couple decides to part ways (i.e. divorce), it can take a toll on those around them, including their children. Divorces have a tendency of altering family dynamics, which might entail changing family routines and how their time is spent with each parent. Here’s a look at a few ways divorces can affect children and the steps you can take to reduce the impact.
Divorces can have both short and long-term effects on children
There are certain aspects of divorce that can lead a child to develop their own issues both now and later on down the road. Some of the immediate effects a divorce might have on the children include:
The child might develop feelings of guilt. Family Means, which provides counseling and therapy to divorcing parties, says that some children involved in a divorce develop feelings of guilt and essentially blame their parents’ divorce on their own behavior1.
Children involved in a divorce might become angry or irritable. Sometimes, divorces can cause a child to “feel overwhelmed” and unsure of how to respond. As a result, they may begin to display angry or irritable behavior.
A child might lose interest in social activities when their parent’s divorce. Divorces can take an emotional toll on the children involved. While some are able to cope with the idea that their parents are separating, others become less engaged with others and may even develop feelings of insecurity.
Long-term effects of divorce on children
Aside from the immediate effects divorce can have on children, there are also some long-term to consider. In the article Effects of Divorce on Children: The Importance of Intervention2, Katherine Donahey cited that divorces can “affect children’s success in their future romantic relationships.” She also cites that “high-conflict parental relationships have been linked to children’s difficulty in forming their own healthy relationships.”
If parents want to reduce the chances of having this happen, Donahey shared that divorced parents can avoid conflict as much as possible.

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