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Ensuring Physical Security is as Critical as Cybersecurity – Legal Reader

Why do companies hesitate to invest in physical security despite knowing its significance?
The increased cybercrimes and scams have made businesses aware of their cyber security arrangements. But does this mean complete safety and security for your company? What about your assets, property, and people? People often take physical security lightly. To your knowledge, modern systems are more than gates and guards, although these also form an integral part. If you want to secure your place, you must overhaul it from every angle – layout, weak points, visibility of most sensitive areas, access control, perimeter defense through guards, intrusion check through cameras/alarms/ motion sensors, and more. 
Agencies like Falcon Security Services work around these areas to protect your business and its people. Let’s figure out what physical security measures encompass.
Measures and methods
All physical security measures follow stages like deter, detect, delay, and respond to discourage intruders from entering your area. You can thwart them by using active security signs like video cameras and access control. Fencing with barbed wire can secure your perimeters. These are clear signals for criminals to stay away or get caught. Still, some intruders can make their way by mixing up with an employee. Or, they can scale the barrier. To stop such occurrences, you need something to detect them. Think of CCTV cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and others. With the help of these, it can be easy to stop them. 
The next stage is a delay. The deter and detection methods can delay intruders. And you can achieve this through access control functions. Most companies need to think more about the last stage of responding to them. However, measures like security guards and communication devices can help capture the offenders. As mentioned, perimeter security features such as fences, camera recording systems, and guards play a huge part in this. All these components establish your physical security together, working independently or as a team based on the situation. 
Physical security challenges
Why do companies hesitate to invest in physical security despite knowing its significance? One primary constraint can be a need for more budget. But you can identify your needs and deploy the correct elements. For instance, big businesses need security guards, cameras, access control, etc. So they can plan accordingly. However, small entities can choose CCTV cameras and video recorders. Then, after the pandemic, many companies are facing staff shortage problems. They need people to protect their premises. For them, outsourcing this work to a third party can be easy. Some security agencies offer concierge services. They can receive guests, take care of the parking lot, and collect mail and packages. 
A few points for contemplation
Before investing in this critical step, you must assess all the risk factors to understand what you need to protect, why, and how. If you need help, your physical security company can hold a discussion. They will check your property and recommend the best solutions. They can point out the areas with low or high footfall, which can be vulnerable to intrusions. Some sites, for instance, may not need guards, cameras, or locks.
Ottawa has many security companies catering to commercial and residential security demands. You can contact a reliable one after some background check.

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