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Don’t Give Up If You Are Facing Criminal Charges – Legal Reader

You can better understand how the criminal justice system works and the real impact of the charges against you with the help of a defense lawyer.
The legal system of any country treats everyone equally and gives fair chances to everyone to fight for their dignity and innocence. More precisely, an accused in a criminal case is not guilty unless proven. There are many incidents where someone innocent got punished because they didn’t have evidence or witnesses. Because the accused are not always able to adequately defend themselves, the need for having criminal defense lawyers becomes even more validated. The defense lawyers provide the accused with the knowledge and resources they need to prove they haven’t done anything.
If you live in Florida and need help with criminal charges against your near and dear ones, a law agency like Carlson Meissner Hart & Hayslett, P.A. can be helpful. They can protect an individual’s right to plea and defend themselves. The lawyers investigate the case tirelessly to devise a solid defense to help the accused avoid conviction. The success rate of these cases mostly depends on the lawyer’s expertise and skills. So don’t step back and make sure you seek the advice of a qualified criminal defense lawyer to study the facts and update you on your rights and options. You can better understand how the criminal justice system works and the real impact of the charges against you. Here are a few examples of standard criminal charges.

Police in Connecticut administer the one leg stand test to a driver after a crash. Photo by Versageek, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0Everyone knows they should not be at the wheel after consuming alcohol and have a driver. But if you get caught driving under the influence, you cannot afford to lose calm in front of the officer. Also, please don’t say you did it, and do not give them any reason to believe you are drunk. Instead, speaking to an attorney and keeping silent otherwise are the best. You can also politely decline the sobriety test because their results are often misleading. If you face an arrest, your fine and jail sentence can vary from USD $500 to USD $5000 and six months to ten years based on your previous records. Your driving license will also be at stake. 
Domestic violence
A supposed victim of domestic violence will call the police to investigate the situation. They will speak to both parties. If they believe the case is valid, the officials can file a charge against you and arrest you. After listening to all the narratives during a trial, a judge will determine whether you are guilty or innocent. If everything goes against you, strict penalties may apply. You may have to spend a few years in jail and pay a hefty fine based on the nature of the violence. Conviction charges can be even stricter if the victim has sustained severe injuries.
Apart from these, someone can face charges for battery, sex crime, child abuse, traffic violation, etc. You have to protect your interests, regardless of what happened and how. It becomes even more essential if you are innocent and falsely getting framed in a case. Since legal processes tend to be complex, you don’t want to take any chance. Consulting with your lawyer can be a critical step. They can represent your case well after a thorough investigation on their end.

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