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CLT and its special features

There are a number of products that are suitable for static applications or supporting structures: solid wood, double or triple beams, glued veneer lumber, other types of wood, and more. Below you will find a description of the CLT panels that are made on Rezult Ukraine and can serve a great building purpose and more.
The definition of the product
CLT is a slab-like solid wood construction product that consists of a minimum of three cross-laminated layers. They, in turn, have single-layer plates, and lamellas. Such a structure contributes to high stability and it is the reason why cross-laminated wood is used in the construction and building of houses.
The main purposes are presented on and feature the following characteristics:
In housing, as well as for industrial purposes, it serves as a structure for bearing a load.
Cross-laminated wood can be utilized not only for different internal load-bearing structures but also for stairs and external items.
Due to its small weight, CLT is often utilized for superstructures on buildings. Soundproofing, mounting walls, and other elements are attached to it without difficulties.
Benefits of such plates
These plates can be perfectly used together with different materials such as concrete, providing an ideal option for high buildings. It is real to produce boards up to 20 m long and up to six meters wide. There are also other designations for these plates, such as cross-laminar wood, large-sized wood or cross-laminate.
If properly constructed and protected from harmful environmental effects, such a house can last for a long time. No wonder the market for this material is constantly growing all over the world.
At last, these plates contribute to eco-technologies, both their production and utilization are not related to harmful effects on the environment. That is also a beneficial factor that is often considered recently.

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