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Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Team is Crucial to Maintaining Basic Freedoms in Florida – Legal Reader

Sometimes legal fees for services are the reason why a client will be forced to utilize the services of a public defender.
Individuals who are charged with a crime in South Florida may be at risk for jail time or significant fines, in addition to overarching threats to that person’s entire future.  It is imperative for people charged with a crime to research Florida criminal defense attorneys to assess the value of their services based on 1) case load; 2) jury trial case experience; 3) years practicing experience; 4) success rate; 5) venue; and 6) case diversity.  Hiring a seasoned criminal defense attorney over accepting a public defender is a viable option to a better outcome because an independent attorney will represent a person based on the strength of their case.  
Challenges to representation by public defender
A public defender does not get to choose their clients based on case strength and their workload often sways them toward plea deals for clients, which may not be in their best interests. Some public defenders are there to gain experience on the job and continuity can be a problem if a case lingers past the point where a public defender has to pass on client files due to job changes.  This change in counsel may cause facts to fall through the cracks and may threaten the strength of a case action, in contrast to a private attorney who will follow the case from beginning to end with consistent representation.   
Criminal lawyer skills
The benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer include competency 1) navigating a trial, 2) negotiating with prosecuting attorneys, 3) researching and building on pertinent case law, and 4) cultivating professional relationships with all facets of the legal infrastructure that may impact an individual’s  unique criminal case.  Criminal lawyers usually represent a wide spectrum of criminal activities including white collar crimes such as embezzlement, drug charges, theft charges, vehicular manslaughter, and DUI charges for example.  Efforts to reduce or eliminate a criminal record or jail time are sought after goals in the majority of cases, but even with a reduction in jail time, reduced fines and probation, a conviction and a record have lasting negative impacts to future livelihood regarding financial aid, public housing, or the ability to find gainful employment or a place to live.

Lawyer working at desk; image by Sora Shimazaki, via legal fees
Sometimes legal fees for services are the reason why a client will be forced to utilize the services of a public defender.  Victims charged with crimes should be aware that the fines and fees that may be part of a case outcome can be reduced if they have a knowledgeable attorney working to reduce charges and fines.  In many cases, payment for services would actually save money and a private attorney has more time to spend on the case that may provide a seamless defense for an unlawful arrest based on a variety of factors that a public defender may miss.  Talk to a Florida criminal defense attorney to discuss options after being charged with a crime.  
Hire an attorney at the Law Offices of Michael D. Weinstein, P.A. who can offer personalized attention, supported by a solid history of success in criminal litigation.  They will be able to discuss possible legal strategies for a case based on the circumstances of the arrest and any past criminal record that could impact the outcome of the current charges.  

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